Before the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered, Camille Grammer was arguably the most talked about housewife out of the cast.

The reason? It all had to do with her husband of 13 years filing for divorce and then knocking up his mistress girlfriend just weeks later. I and many others, I’m sure, were ready to wear our Team Camille T-shirts once the show premiered. But then something happened. The show actually premiered, and by the second episode, most fans of the show couldn’t help but think Poor Kesley. Just when you think the C-monster cannot top herself in her campaign for the most despicable Bravo housewife, this episode comes along and she proves you wrong! Reader beware as this is a long recap.


Episode 6 starts out with the dinner from hell. It seems like every housewives franchise is obligated to have one dinner from hell per season. Perhaps it’s written in the Bravo contract. Camille and Kyle continue to bicker over what Kyle supposedly said in Vegas (Why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey?).

Kyle is finally ready to put an end to the dispute as she reveals her sister Kim was also present for the conversation. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere! It’s the moment of truth folks as Kyle wants Kim to reveal if she heard her utter those words in the Vegas convo. However, in an odd move, Kim decides she does not want to get involved. “I don’t think, um, I get nervous,” was the exact reply of Kim, age 46.

The topic then turns into the “insecure” comment and Camille wants to know who called her insecure out of the group. And I’m wondering how Camille knew someone in the group, other than Kyle, called her that if Taylor didn’t tell her? Camille admits in her interview that Taylor did indeed mention this to her, before ultimately deciding she’s a victim and exiting the dinner.

Kim then accuses Taylor of also referring to Camille as insecure, which she technically did as she did nod her head and utter the word “yeah” when Kim suggested Camille was feeling insecure back at the airport. Taylor immediately loses her sh*t. “Do not f*cking drag me into this!” yells Taylor. Whoa! Where the heck did that come from? So now she has a voice. If only she had a voice when Russell was dragging her out of the Las Vegas hotel suite, or perhaps when he bought their daughter a puppy after they had both agreed not to. Taylor’s reaction? Way over the top and very unnecessary. She sounded very guilty and ridiculous. I loved the way Kim handled the situation by standing up for herself and dishing it right back to Taylor.

While the ladies argue, Kyle doesn’t defend her sister and urges Kim to stop. Guess it’s some sisterly payback for Kim not defending her earlier. Kyle gets emotional and the ladies seem to gang up on Kim. “You’re acting like an idiot,” states Kyle as Lisa urges her to stop. The three ladies get up and leave, with Kim left to sit at the table by herself. And while I do see that Kim can be a handful at times (needy, anti-social and all around strange), I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her in watching this scene, especially when Kyle called her an idiot in front of the others.

Next up is a cute scene between Adrienne and her husband Paul as the two bicker while getting ready to go out. And they’re still cute even when they bicker! This scene almost seemed like a comic relief following the previous scene. Also in Adrienne’s mansion, we see what looks to be her wedding dress hanging in a glass frame on a wall. Nice and creative.

It’s a new day in NYC and Kyle is still feeling the stress from the previous night’s events. While out and about with Lisa, she reveals she isn’t sure about going to Kelsey’s premiere as she is probably not wanted. The two ladies decide to do some retail therapy. While out shopping, Kyle calls Camille to try to clear the air… again. And as despicable as Camille is, I do feel that Kyle might have went a bit too far in her comments, such as telling Camille she needed to get help and a therapist. Those are some true but pretty harsh words. I thought Kyle should have kept her cool though I do understand how frustrating it must have been to have someone downright accuse you of something you did not do. I think Kyle could have handled it better especially considering Camille was a client of her husband’s but then again I wouldn’t respect her if she just sat there and kissed up to Camille, similar to what everybody else in Camille’s life does with her. This situation is a good reason one shouldn’t mix business with pleasure.

Back in Beverly Hills, we see Ken trying to take care of home with his wife of 29 years away in NYC. Ken is outside with their dog Giggy and I did not notice the matching purple shirts until Andy Cohen pointed it out on Watch What Happens Live. Adorable.

Following the dramatic events of the previous day, it is now time for some comedy in NYC! Camille is relieved to finally be around some “real friends” after she was attacked by her “so-called friends” the night before. And by friends, she means the people she pays to kiss her ass. Ass kisser #1 aka her make-up artist Joe decides to share a story being gay bashed. He calls both he and Camille survivors and Camille agrees! Yes, Camille is a survivor alright. She’s had to survive IBS, survive the stress of planning multiple vacations back to back, having to manage 4 nannies, and even had to survive a claustrophobic 3500 sq ft. NYC apartment. Feel free to cue up Destiny Child’s ‘Survivor.’

And in this very funny yet slightly nauseating scene, Ass kisser #2/hair stylist D.D. adamantly defends her meal ticket. “It wasn’t Camille, it actually was not Camille. Camille was a good girl” said DD about the dinner fight. For a minute there, I was starting to think DD was actually present during the dinner. Camille’s butt kissers decide it’s all jealousy. DD adds that ever since she’s known Camille, women have always had major issues with her. Camille then plays Kyle’s message for her minions and states she’s fine with Kyle coming to the show because she would never un-invite someone to an event due to inappropriate behavior. Firing their husband and taking money away from her family is however a completely different story. And in watching this scene again, I just can’t believe how awful this woman is. Truly despicable. Better yet unbelievably despicable.

The other ladies decide to do an awkward lunch in NYC as there is still a lot of tension between the ladies. Kim tries to make peace by giving all the ladies a jewelry gift. She gives the first one to Kyle who couldn’t even utter a thank you. Lisa says thank you and Taylor would prefer an apology to go with the bracelet. Still not sure why Taylor is due an apology but okay. The topic changes to the previous night’s events and Kyle wants to know why Kim did not defend her. “I couldn’t get a word in,” claims Kim. Um yes you could Kim, you had the floor to yourself but chose not to say anything.

Kim now decides she no longer wants to go to the premiere and Lisa immediately scolds her for it. In her interview, Kyle states she is ready to snap and Kim better not push her. I mean I get it, Kim’s weird, nuts, needy and all that good stuff but the way they treat her and talk to her sometimes still rubs me the wrong way. I once again felt bad for Kim.

Taylor decides to call Adrienne to wish her well. In her interview, Taylor states: “I thought a lot about whether the night would have gone differently had Adrienne been around.” Well Taylor, perhaps it would have gone differently had you not gossiped to Camille about the other ladies calling her insecure.

Back in Beverly Hills, Adrienne tells Paul she wasn’t happy he decided to spend time with the guys instead of being with her at her mother’s house following her uncle’s death. Paul attempts to defend his actions stating that it was only an hour with the guys. Adrienne stands her ground on the issue and Paul, being the smart husband that he is, realizes it’s simply better to apologize after Adrienne shoots him a stern look like no other. I couldn’t help but laugh. Must say a lot of husbands can learn a thing or two from this scene.

We see the other husbands attempting to get along without their wives. Russell seems to be having the toughest time trying to take care of 4-year-old Kennedy, who might or might not be a spoiled brat thanks to Mommy and Daddy. Mauricio is shown taking his daughters swimming outside and we call all let out a collective drool as the hotness known as Mauricio goes shirtless.

It’s back to NYC and Kyle has decided to go to the show after Camille sends her a text telling her it’s okay. En route to the show, Camille is in a limo with her “friend” and hairstylist DD. “So many women have been so catty with me because I’m married to a celebrity,” humbly states Camille. But no, DD quickly corrects her! Letting her know the women have always been jealous of her even before Kelsey came into the picture. At this point, all I can do is laugh as this is definitely making some great TV.

They get to the event and before I can even blink, Camille hands off her scarf to her kiss assist DD and sashays her way right unto the red carpet. Poor Camille, no more main red carpet entrances. With her impending divorce from Kelsey, she will now be forced to use the side entrance like her castmates, but fret not people, she is a survivor. Inside, we see that Camille’s “good friend” Nick is once again on a trip with Camille and once again without his wife. As the two sit side by side, Camille asks – “Do I have a little too much cleavage?” Nicks takes a peep, says no, and takes another peep – this time glaring for a few seconds. Something tells me Kelsey’s divorce lawyer is watching and taking notes.

And get ready folks for the best part of the show as I present to you what is arguably the most awkward scene in housewives history. Even more awkward than that long hug from Danielle and Jacqueline at the New Jersey Housewives reunion show. Following his performance, Camille heads backstage to her husband’s dressing room and this scene is just comedy. First comes the awkward kiss in which Kelsey looks like he wants no part of. “I have to put some clothes on. Thanks for coming. It was really fun,” says Kelsey, not to an intruding fan but to his wife, obviously trying to hurry her out of his dressing room, almost sounding like a married man with a mistress hiding in his closet. The self absorbed and always delusional Camille obviously doesn’t get the hint and proceeds to linger around a bit longer before eventually making her exit, much to the relief of her soon to be ex-husband.

The ladies all meet up at the premiere after party and Camille and Kyle pretty much avoid each other. Kelsey shows up and greets everyone. He sits with the ladies and the topic briefly turns to the ladies’ missing husbands. Kelsey states in his interview, “I guess the best you can hope for in a long relationship is that you married somebody who’s decent and nice.” Poor Kelsey. He was 0 for 2.

“I was surprised at how nice Kelsey was. He was very nice and gracious. Completely opposite of Camille the night before,” states Kyle in her interview.

It’s the day after and the ladies are shown in a limo ride as they all discuss missing their husbands. Kim then opens up about feeling alone sometimes without a significant other, especially during the Vegas trip. I couldn’t help but feel bad for Kim once again in this scene. Kim reveals she is finally ready to find someone special again. “You’re really just starting to think about that?” snarls Kyle.

Kim, perhaps realizing she doesn’t have much of a story line other than being the crazy lady, decides she would like her co-stars to set her up with someone. Lisa and Kyle are all game! While Taylor is not fully on board. And while I’m starting to like Kim, I can’t help but feel bad for those poor future dates.

Lisa is at home with her human pet Cedric as she awaits the arrival of her neighbor Adrienne, who lives right across the street from her. We see Adrienne trying to make her way to Lisa’s house Beverly Hills style, meaning she probably had to make a 2 mile trek to get there. Must be nice. Lisa fills Adrienne in on the NYC drama.

It is now time to end the show with the gruesome creature known as Camille. While sitting home reading “The Art of War,” her “good friend” Nick pays her visit. Camille also fills Nick in on the NYC events stating that Kyle acted like “a crazed homeless woman.” Camille informs Nick that Kyle is jealous of her because Kyle’s husband works for her, aka her husband is the help.

Nick wants to know what Kelsey said about the events and Camille claims he wasn’t happy about it. Right, like I’m suppose to believe Kelsey took the time out of boinking his mistress to have a conversation with his wife. Camille later claims Kelsey said they will likely be looking for a new Realtor due to Kyle’s behavior. Really? All over an argument? Me thinks Kelsey most definitely did not say that.

It gets even worse as Camille then states: “In terms of like pecking order, my husband’s higher on the list. My husband is an A-list celebrity. He’s in a successful play. He’s won Emmys, Golden Globes. He’s celebrated. He’s respected in his community. There’s a big difference between that and the local Beverly Hills realtor.”

What a vile statement to make. I’m simply speechless. But see folks, there is something called karma. And if you have been keeping up with Camille news for the past few months, you would know that is has surely taken a big bite out of the C-monster. Plus with Kelsey filing for divorce, something tells me Mauricio is still without a doubt his Realtor. And isn’t it funny how Camille, who wants her own identity outside of Kelsey, is so quick to bring up being his wife any chance she gets, even accusing others of being jealous of her because of Kelsey. Folks, Camille is what happens when people get a lot of money and have nothing but yes people around them. Can you imagine the ego that would be on this woman if she was the actual “A -list” celebrity? I was leaning towards believing Camille last week when it came to the she said, she said situation with Kyle but now factoring in Kim’s comments and the growing crazy delusions of Camille, I’m definitely convinced Kyle did not utter those words.


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