We reported two days ago that Indiana cops have officially charged Amber Portwood, star of Teen Mom, with domestic violence and battery.

The exact charges for the 20-year-old MTV reality star includes two felony counts and one misdemeanor. The cops reveal the reason for the serious felony charges is because Amber’s daughter Leah was present during two of the domestic violence incidents against her ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

Well the HollywoodLife is now reporting that they spoke to Amber just hours following the news that she was being charged, and get this, she is completely denying the felony charges. Why? According to Amber, she “didn’t hit Gary in front of Leah so there are no felony charges.” It seems someone failed to inform Amber that MTV handed the cops a ton of unedited footage of she and Gary following a subpoena. The cops have stated that the uncut footage proves baby Leah was indeed present during two abuse incidents.

Amber added, “None of this is true, there’s nothing against me. They can’t charge me if they don’t have proof.” The HollywoodLife also adds that if Amber is arrested, which she likely will be, Gary would be the next in line to get custody of their daughter.

If convicted, Amber faces three years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines!

And even more bad news for Amber. Just days after photos of her doing some good ol underage drinking hit the web, TMZ has also obtained and posted a video on their site which clearly shows Amber inebriated. In the video, Amber can be seen singing off key while also saying to the camera, “I’m drunk” then moments later saying, “Possibly drunk.” That footage is below –


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