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What a week in the Big Brother 13 house!

In a complete shocker, evicted HG Brendon Villegas received the most votes (the poll results are below) and was able to battle Lawon to return to the house. Really America? Brendon garnering the most votes was all the more shocking since every poll I’d seen online had Cassie in the lead, our poll included.

Rachel’s man of course won against Lawon and returned to the BB house, thus finally proving what we knew all along – which is that Lawon made the dumbest move in Big Brother history.

Following Brendon’s return, an HOH competition was played. Below is the new HOH winner, the shocking nominees and POV winner!


Immediately following Brendon‘s return, the Veteran alliance was of course very happy while Danielle was pretty emotional and livid. Kalia was also pissed and in shock. In fact, they were both crying at one point.

HOH WINNER – Moments later, a new HOH competition was played and Danielle won! Much to the dismay of the Veteran alliance. This win definitely lifted the spirits of Danielle and Kalia.

Following her win, Danielle revealed she wanted Shelly out, but not before getting Brendon out first. Kalia also began to see that eliminating Lawon was a bad mistake.

Danielle told Jeff he was not her target. Meanwhile, Brendon and Rachel quickly realized they were the likely targets and decided it was time to start playing the game for themselves, rather than for Jeff and Jordan. Brenchel went up to Danielle’s HOH room to try to make a deal with her, throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus in the process. Danielle told them she would seriously consider making a deal with them.

Meanwhile Shelly continued to bring the drama and most of the HGs are now becoming suspicious of her. Since Thursday night, she got into it with Kalia, Porsche and even Rachel. It’s probably only a matter of time before Shelly self destructs.

NOMINATIONS – Turns out Danielle took the deal with Brendon and Rachel! She actually nominated Adam and Shelly! WOWZERS! The veto ceremony will be played today and this post will be updated later with the winner.

UPDATE – Adam has won the POV!

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