Big Brother 24 Week 10 Recap: The Final Four Is Set, Finale Night Is In Sight

Just as the beginning of each season of Big Brother marks the official start of Summer, its Finale usually indicates we are well on our way into Fall. We are now just mere days away from the Big Brother 24 Finale (coming on Sunday, September 25th), with just two regular episodes left between now and Finale Night. The dust has barely settled after last week’s massive double-eviction night that sent dominant front-runner Michael Bruner to an unexpected early trip to the jury house. By the end of this week’s episodes, we were left with just four remaining houseguests: Monte, Turner, Brittany and – perhaps most unexpectedly of all given what she endured in the beginning stages of the game – Taylor. Here’s how we got to where we are now.

Last week’s major blindside of Michael left his closest ally, Brittany, reeling. He basically threw her under the bus and then left without even a goodbye. Brittany felt blindsided not only in the game, but personally, as she had grown super-close to Michael this Summer. But as the days this week would pass by, Brittany – still understandably confused – did start to make some game-sense of Michael’s actions. By the time Brittany won a much-needed POV competition, she yelled out, “That’s for you, Michael!” showing everyone that she had, for the most part, gotten over his actions in the game.

That POV win was huge, because it followed Monte winning the latest HOH. Monte and Turner seem to be the “ride-or-die” duo at this late stage in the game, and having just cleared Michael out of their way, they can taste the $750,000 grand prize. Michael left on Turner’s HOH, so Turner was not able to compete, making Monte’s HOH win all the more clutch. Monte and Taylor enter into a shocking late-stage show-mance this past week as well (which lit Twitter on fire), so Monte had hoped to keep both Turner and Taylor safe during his reign.  He nominated Alyssa and Brittany, but it was Taylor who tried to get in his ear about blindsiding Turner. Should Taylor had won the POV, she could have taken Brittany down and then Monte would have had no choice but to put Turner up in his place, and then not getting to vote as HOH, Turner would have been sent to jury without Monte having much to do with it at all.

But none of that happened. Instead, Brittany ultimately saved her game, the clutch-est of clutch wins. Pulling herself off the block, Monte was forced to show where his true loyalties lied: Would he replace Brittany with Turner after all, or would he protect him and be forced to put up the only other option, his show-mance Taylor? Monte stuck with his bro, and put Taylor on the block for her FIFTH time this season (Monte also totally screwed his own interests by not getting to the backyard for the POV comp in the allotted timeframe, resulting in him not even getting to participate in the challenge).

Alyssa, the only remaining non-Leftover, wasn’t going to roll over though. To her credit she worked as hard as she could to try to convince the House that she should stay over Taylor (and she has a point…Taylor is the underdog success story of the season, and ALL of the remaining houseguests could have won the game sitting next to Alyssa, one would assume). Alyssa was super-close with Turner all season so she had hoped that she had his vote. Ironically, Turner turned on Alyssa. Brittany actually voted for Taylor (a move that might have been a mistake moving forward now that Taylor won HOH), forcing Monte to break the 1-1 tie. He sent Alyssa to jury (can’t wait to see her uncomfortable reunion with Kyle next week!).

The most recent HOH comp played out live on TV, with a cheese-tastic, TikTok-style video montage with host Julie Chen-Moonves at the center of the trivia competition. This too went to a tie-breaker, between Brittany and Taylor, but Taylor ended up winning. That’s right, the person who was vilely mistreated for no real reason for the first month of the game, is now HOH at Final Four, guaranteed a spot at Finale, and is the sole remaining female in the game (sorry “Girls Girls” alliance). It’s quite a ride, quite a story, and no matter how it finishes, Taylor’s is one of the most remarkable arcs in the history of Big Brother.

Taylor‘s HOH win at Final Four keeps her safe and cements her in the Final Three, but her nominations this week are actually quite useless. It really all comes down to who wins the ever-important POV. Regardless of who is nominated, it is the POV winner who essentially chooses who goes to jury next. Let’s say for example that Taylor nominates Brittany and Turner, but Brittany wins the next POV. She would be safe and would pull herself down, and the only other option for replacement would be Monte. With Taylor as HOH and Turner and Monte on the block in this scenario, Brittany would then be the only vote, and would get to decide who goes home. So it all comes down to that POV.

In other words, Brittany really needs to win. I do see a scenario where if Taylor were to win POV, she would send Turner home. I don’t think Monte sends Turner home and I don’t see Turner sending Monte home. Of Monte, Turner and Brittany, I think Monte is in the best spot, as unless Turner wins POV and decides to make a huge unexpected move and takes out Monte.  But I am thinking that Monte and Taylor will be locked in Final Three, with either Turner or Brittany filling out that final spot.

You may have noticed I’ve used the word “unexpected” more than a few times already…this is Big Brother after all.

There is just TWO episodes remaining leading into the Big Brother 24 Finale. On Sunday, we will see who Taylor nominates (unimportant) as well as who wins that all-important final POV comp of the Summer. There is no Big Brother next Wednesday (tune in to the premiere of Survivor 43 instead!) and then Thursday will give us the final Live Eviction episode, setting the stage for Finale Night on Sunday, September 25th. Will it be Monte, Taylor, Turner or Brittany who wins the grand prize? Who will be crowned as America’s Favorite Houseguest? Expect the unexpected!


Current HOH: Taylor

Nominations: TBD


Sunday, 9/18 – Nominations, POV Comp and Results

Thursday, 9/22 – Final Live Eviction, plus “The Cookout” joins Julie to discuss the season!

Sunday, 9/25 – Big Brother 24 Finale Episode


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