Big Brother 24 Week 11 Recap: The Final Three Get Ready for Finale Night This Sunday

This is it! We are in the home stretch now, just days away from the Big Brother 24 two-hour Finale this Sunday, Sept. 25th. Tonight’s live eviction meant that we now have our Final Three, and we even got a “Cookout” Reunion on tonight’s live show, where the iconic six-person alliance from BB23, Derek, Tiffany, Azah, Hannah, Kyland and winner Xavier, were on-hand to chat about the current season with host Julie Chen-Moonves, as well as give us their picks for who they think might come out on top.

It was a predictable week in the Big Brother House, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t without drama. With Taylor winning HOH, everybody who knows Big Brother knows that at Final Four, it all comes down to that POV Comp. So even though Taylor nominated Turner and Brittany, whomever wins the POV would be able to cast the sole vote to evict this week. The week’s strategic fireworks were provided by Brittany, who in a last-ditch effort to remain in the game, did everything she could on her way out the door. She started by throwing a vote on Taylor at the last eviction ceremony, and then blaming it on Turner. Not knowing who to believe, Taylor thought it was best to just put both Turner and Brittany on the block.

But Brittany‘s fate was officially sealed when Monte came out on top of that final all-important POV Comp. Brittany tried and pleaded her case, but it just wasn’t going to sway Monte. Monte has been in a tight final two alliance with Turner for a long time now, and his recent show-mance with Taylor left Brittany on the outs of his ideal Final Three. When it came time to evict, it was Brittany’s turn to go.

Speaking of that show-mance, Monte pumped the breaks on his relationship with Taylor after Taylor made an insensitive comment in response to Monte talking about his 1-year-old goddaughter. I think Monte had a legitimate beef…Taylor did apologize for her insensitive, offhanded comment, and also apologized for ripping headphones off of Monte while he slept. But Monte took things too far when he addressed Taylor about it. He brought up previous crap from earlier in the season, stuff that was being said back in the early days of the game when Taylor was being targeted and minimalized for literally no reason. Monte’s attack was unwarranted, but as she does, Taylor handled it once again with grace. Man I can’t wait to see her houseguests faces when she wins America’s Favorite Houseguest in a record landslide on Sunday.

Brittany‘s exit gave us this season’s Final Three: Turner, Taylor and Monte. So who will win Big Brother 24?

There is still some game left to be played, but Monte sits in a fantastic position, where it seems like both Turner and Taylor would take him to Final Two should they win final HOH. So if you believe this premise, the question is who will sit next to Monte at the end, and can Monte lose?

From the sound of the jury so far, it seems like Turner is the new long-shot to win the game. People acknowledge he’s played great, but he hasn’t owned his game. Now that could change, but if it doesn’t, Turner isn’t going to win. That means if sitting next to Monte or Taylor, Turner is likely going to fall short.

Can Taylor win Big Brother? The answer is absolutely. Sitting next to Monte, you will have a whole slew of players who will respect the adversity that Taylor had to overcome in this game. Her story is the season’s best story. She absolutely can win and become the first African-American female winner in Big Brother history. That’s why both of the men will do everything they can to make sure she doesn’t reach Final Two. It may cost Monte Taylor’s jury vote, but I see know scenario where Monte would send home Turner before Taylor.

In other words, here are my expert predictions: If Taylor is in the Final Two, she will win Big Brother 24. Monte wins if he sits next to Turner. Turner will not win.

There is a special episode of Big Brother this Friday, the usual “look back at the season” episode, where we will also see the beginning of the final competitions. Then Sunday it all comes to an end with a two-hour Finale, starting at 8pm EST on CBS. Either Taylor, Turner or Monte will win $750,000, and we’ll watch Taylor also win America’s Favorite Houseguest prize (which now also includes a cruise in addition to the $50,000 prize).

It’s been a real pleasure recapping Big Brother 24 this Summer, we still have one Recap to go following Sunday’s Finale! Thanks for the support and thanks for watching BB24!


Friday, 9/23 – “Looking Back” retrospective episode

Sunday, 9/25 – Big Brother 24 Finale Episode


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