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On Thursday’s live episode, which might or might not have been the best episode yet this season, we saw two of the veterans get evicted.

Danielle was the first HG to be evicted on the double eviction episode after giving a pseudo epic speech. Immediately following Danielle’s eviction, a new HOH competition was played and Kalia came out victorious! As expected, she nominated Jeff and Rachel.

In what no one could have predicted, Porsche ended up winning the POV! What a time for Porsche to come alive. The nominations stayed the same, Jeff ended up leaving the BB house and boy oh boy, he did not take it well. Love Jeff but he came off as a bit of a sore loser.

Following the double eviction, there were some breakdowns, tears, fights and most importantly, a new HOH competition. Below, find out the new HOH winner, the new nominees, Rachel’s pregnancy scare, & the new twist!



HOH WINNER Porsche came through once again and became the new HOH! Wowzers.

Immediately following the live show Jordan had a HUGE breakdown, and in what can only be described as a role reversal, Rachel was the calm one who had to spend hours comforting her.

Jordan felt very defeated, stating she and Rachel had no chance of winning the game. Jordan felt the only person she had in the game was Rachel. She was kind of right as Adam immediately starting hanging around the other alliance following Porsche’s win.

Jordan then got into a screaming match with Shelly as she felt Shelly betrayed her alliance. Jordan was shaking and screaming in Shelly’s face. Rachel had to drag her away. Jordan then stated she wanted to hit someone. Once again, Rachel had to calm her down.

PREGNANCY SCARE – Rachel, who had sex with Brendon several times in the BB house, told Jordan she has been experiencing nausea. Rachel also added that they refuse to give her a pregnancy test in the diary room. Wowzers.

NEW TWIST – Right before nominations, the feeds went down and when it came back on, the HGs were playing in teams again! The teams were Rachel/Jordan, Adam/Shelly, and Kalia/Porsche. It’s unclear if they got to choose their teams or if BB chose it for them. Though judging by the pairings, it’s safe to assume they chose their teams themselves.

Seems like this new twist is intended to favor Rachel/Jordan because it appears if either of them wins the POV, they are both off the block, and Porsche would then have to put up Adam/Shelly. Interesting.

NOMINATIONS – Porsche nominated Rachel and Jordan. The POV will be played later today so feel free to check back as this post will be updated with the winner!

UPDATE: POV WINNERRachel won the POV! So it appears both Rachel and Jordan will be safe this week thanks to the return of the pairs twist.

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