Last night’s Teen Mom 2 was thirty minutes longer than it needed to be. Why MTV, do you need to draw out this drama past its allotted hour? If the show had just been in its normal time slot, I wouldn’t have seen Leah file for divorce or Kailyn cheat on Jordan with Jo. Of course, I also wouldn’t have seen Chelsea work towards her GED (you go, girl!), or Jenelle check herself into rehab for her addiction issues. Oh MTV, you’re both a b*tch and a lover…

Jenelle is on probation, but she’ll be scott-free if she can stay clean for one year. She’s not allowed to fraternize with anyone who has pending drug charges, and that includes Kieffer. She’s back in Barbara’s house, and it’s back to status quo with the pair cussing and screaming at each other in front of poor Jace. This child deserves so much more than these MTV cameras are providing. Jenelle feels like her world is coming to an end because she can’t smoke and she can only communicate with Kieffer via phone. She talks to him about breaking up since they won’t be able to see each other in person for at least twelve months. He’s on board. That should tell the out-of-touch-with-reality Jenelle a lot.


Kailyn and Jo have been getting along famously since he came over to see her place and meet Jordan. The court hasn’t yet rescheduled the pair’s child support hearing, but all is a-okay with these exes. Jo will be debuting some new music and he would like to start utilizing his mid-week visitation. He’ll be in the studios on the weekend working on his rap skillz. Jordan comes by while Isaac is napping and Kailyn relays this new information. Jordan feels like a third wheel as Jo will be partaking in said mid-week visitation at Kailyn’s new digs.

Adam hasn’t talked with Chelsea since their fight, nor has he tried to see his daughter. Chelsea feels like she needs to complete her GED before she turns 21, as she’ll no longer be a high schooler at that point. Or for the last three years, but semantics. Chelsea feels like she finally has her life on track. Her dad’s She’s paying her bills, she has a job… things are good.

Leah and Corey are still fighting about moving into a new trailer. Leah is concerned because Corey has heard a rumor that Leah had sex with another guy right before their wedding. She admits to her mistake, and Corey asks (thank you, Corey!!) if she wore her engagement ring while she was with this other guy. She did. He gets teary from her confession while she gets seems to get teary for getting caught. While she has mascara streaming down her face, but I really don’t know if she’s remorseful. I think she almost is happy she has been called out for her actions. Oh Corey. He tells his wife he needs time to consider whether he’ll be moving with her into the new trailer. Dude. He is too nice.

Jenelle is having a difficult time coping with not being able to see her friends… and of course, not smoking weed. She tries to discuss her hardships with her mom. Barbara is quick to tell her that she can’t use pot as an outlet for her problems. A very tearful and emotional Barbara begs Jenelle to seek help. Jenelle meets with her lawyer Dustin Sullivan to talk about her choices. He doesn’t sugar coat what she needs to do. He offers her some in-patient treatment options, and he is hopeful about her outcome if she chooses the program.

Jo and Kailyn have their first mid-week visitation with Isaac. While Kailyn feels guilty for meeting with Jo sans Jordan, she is glad their son will have extra time with his father. Of course the first question out of Kailyn’s mouth is about Jo’s love life. He announces that Isaac is his only love. She is concerned that Jo has a multitude of groupies hanging by the wayside. And does Jo want to order pizza as a family? Seriously? Jo checks out, but not before Kailyn can profess her love for him. Awkward! She meant to only tell Isaac how much she cares, not Jo. Jo isn’t phased in the least, but Kailyn is borderline giddy as she sends her ex on his way.

As Corey needs time to process Leah’s recent indiscretion, she has taken the twins to move in with her mom so Corey can have “his time.” Leah’s mom thinks the couple’s troubles are due to trailer-gate… she doesn’t know her daughter had sex with another man days before the pair said their vows. Corey goes to talk with his dad (hat intact), and dad is shocked to learn that Leah has cheated again. His father (like me) is flabbergasted. Corey isn’t willing to work things out – he wants to file for divorce. His father is supportive. Corey has tried to keep his family together, but this is the second time she’s admitted to cheating on him. Corey seems devastated that it’s come to this, but he can’t keep wondering what his wife is doing every time she leaves the house. He is much kinder than I am.

Chelsea is trying to purge Adam from her thoughts. Instead, she’s focusing on getting her GED. She meets with her dad, and she is excited to write her first check ever–OMG–to her dad to help with her rent.

Leah is hoping that Corey will change his tune. She tells her best friend that she cheated with Robbie the week before her wedding. Her major excuse for her indiscretion is that Corey wouldn’t have sex with her in the weeks before they were married, so she looked elsewhere. Her friend asks if Leah told Corey about what she did, and Leah reveals that Corey heard the gossip through the grapevine. Let’s note that she likely wouldn’t have told Corey if he hadn’t heard it from someone else. This girl needs some Dr. Drew. Your soon-to-be-husband abstains from sex until your wedding night so you look for that physical fulfillment elsewhere? Maturity, what?

Jenelle is toying with the idea of rehab. She meets with her friend Amber. You may know her from Jenelle’s recent charges. She explains to her friend that she may need help breaking her marijuana addiction (hint, she’s not addicted to weed, she’s just addicted to a feeling that makes her forget her troubles). Jenelle does think that Jace will be in good hands with Barbara in the event she needs to go away for a while.

Jo speaks with his brother about his new visitation and the “connection” he now feels with Kailyn. He is quick to say that he respects Jordan and is happy that Kailyn has put a positive person in Isaac’s life.

Leah is devastated that Corey says he doesn’t love her after her bombshell. She can’t believe he’s retained a lawyer. Let’s backtrack… Leah has been texting Corey non-stop that he doesn’t need to respond to her as if they are dating. He needs to remember they are married. Um, I think he does, which is why he’s gotten a lawyer to represent him in your divorce. After you were unfaithful…  more than once. Why does Leah feel like the victim? Didn’t she create this situation?

Chelsea is working hard at Year Round Brown. She is thrilled she has something to distract her from Adam. So who calls? Adam. When he requests an overnight with Aubree, Chelsea is hesitant to agree. He cusses her out for her concern. Chelsea confides in her mom about her worries. Her mom hopes that he won’t be drawing her back into his web. Chelsea isn’t sure what to think.

Likewise, Kailyn is confused about her recent connection with Jo. She seeks advice from a mutual friend. She admits that she still has feelings for Jo, but the friend tries to give the best advice possible – no Jo. Kailyn’s convinced… it’s Jo that she needs. I hope Jordan saved the receipt for all those Uggs!

Leah’s main concern is that Corey will fight for sole custody of the twins. She confides in her mom about all the secrets she’s kept from her family. I love that every time Leah tries to tell someone she cheated, she prefaces it with the fact that Corey wasn’t willing to have sex the week before their wedding. Girl, own your mistakes. Leah’s mother seems to be playing devil’s advocate. Leah’s mom, of course, is supportive of her daughter, even in light of the news that she was unfaithful.

Jenelle meets with Dustin to discuss in-patient treatment. She has received a scholarship for a place in California, and the judge has signed off on the plan. I can’t tell if Jenelle is just happy to get away or if she really wants help. Okay, so I know how this all plays out, but I’d like to think she really wants help.

Chelsea continues to be proactive about obtaining her GED. Her very preggers friend is charged with watching Aubree while Chelsea talks with a counselor about her options. Is it just me, or do most of these girls have pregnant friends? Chelsea determines that she doesn’t want to sign up for the study program, she just wants to keep taking practice tests until she’s received her GED. All she wants is to go to beauty school. We’ll see how that goes.

Kailyn wants to know if Jordan trusts her to be alone with Jo during his mid-week visits with Isaac. Jordan is concerned. Kailyn can’t believe Jordan would think such a thing. Um, she totally just asked Jordan if he was worried about her rekindling feelings with Jo… she brought it up, so she can’t upset when he concurs.

Leah is terrified that Corey is after sole custody. She’s googling a lot… and you know that means she’ll come up with a legitimate answer. She starts calling divorce lawyers and gets a quick consultation. Leah can’t seem to let go of the fact that “Corey refuses to work things out”… yeah, because you slept with another guy a week before you married poor Corey! Should he be begging for you to reconcile?

Jenelle is packing for rehab, and while she hates to leave Jace, she feels it’s the best decision. Barbara seems proud of her daughter’s decision. She seems very supportive. The pair discuss Jenelle’s choice and Barbara wants her daughter to know that she’s doing what is best for her and Jace. In a heartbreaking scene, Jenelle talks to Jace about why she needs to go away for awhile.

Chelsea is studying for her GED practice tests. She is nervous about the results. Chelsea passed! She still has a few more subjects to tackle, but this is good news.

Jo and Kailyn are having another visitation while Jordan is at work. The couple bathe Isaac together, with Kailyn asking her toddler son how happy he is to see mommy and daddy co-parenting. I wonder where this will lead… Kailyn and Jo read Isaac a bedtime story, and Jo reveals he is going to drop his child support appeal. Isaac goes to bed, and apparently so do Kailyn and Jo. Scandal!

Jenelle leaves super early for her west coast rehab. Barbara sends off her daughter with some tears and sincere positive thoughts. Barbara is a good person… she may not know better, but she does well with what she has. I haven’t always given her the benefit of the doubt. Then again, MTV doesn’t often give me 90 minutes to form my decisions.

Leah is worried that Corey is a step ahead in a custody battle so she meets with an attorney. She shares Ali’s issues, and the attorney goes to check whether Corey has even filed for divorce. He hasn’t. Leah decides to beat him to the punch. I have never been a Leah fan, but I am so disappointed in her at this point.

On the next episode, Jenelle begins her rehabilitation, while Chelsea still wants Adam in her life. Jordan isn’t willing to listen to Kailyn when he hears of her infidelities with Jo, and Leah moves forward with the divorce.


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