VH1 Basketball Wives Season 4

Last night was the second episode, of the new season, of Basketball Wives. Things are status quo…the new girls are trying to cause just enough drama to get camera time while not alienating everyone right off the bat, Shaunie is barely around (she’s too busy producing), the only thing the women like to talk about are one another, and Suzie is clawing her way up the “popular” ladder.

Shaunie, Tami, and Evelyn meet up to discuss the recent fight between Evelyn and Jennifer. Evelyn touts her two friends as good mediators. Tami believes that Jenn just doesn’t get it, while Shaunie thinks Jenn understood but didn’t want to “punk out.” As far as Evelyn’s concerned, Jenn is lucky she didn’t get punched in the face. All the ladies are trashing Jenn, but Tami and Shaunie are trying to be much more objective than the outspoken Evelyn. While all the ladies agree that Jenn has definitely found her voice, Shaunie thinks she is more reserved around her friends, while, doing more trash talking in the media.


New besties, Jenn and Suzie Ketcham catch up over manicures. Suzie can’t understand why Evelyn is mad…she’s clearly trying to widen the rift between the pair. Jenn backtracks on the infamous blog post. She wasn’t insulting the men Evelyn dates, she was simply saying that they date different people. Jenn is eliminating drama from her life…unfortunately she’s not eliminating ridiculously large hoop earrings, adorned with red lips, from her jewelry box.

Royce Reed is meeting with her publicist (I wonder if all the ladies would get a discount if they shared one…one is surely enough for the bunch!), and there are many auditions lined up for the “talented” Ms. Reed. Royce is overwhelmed, but excited. So apparently, following Royce’s blossoming career, will be her storyline this season. That’s actually a step up from watching her car shop in Larry Byrd-esque tube socks.

Evelyn’s sister comes over and the two discuss family drama in light of her upcoming wedding to Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn is developing a stronger relationship with her biological father, so she’s conflicted as to who will walk her down the aisle. She reveals to her sister that she doesn’t want Jenn in attendance. The sisters get teary when talking about Evelyn’s brother-in-law, Anthony who is battling cancer. Both want him to get stronger and hope he’ll be well enough to be a part of Evelyn’s big day.

Royce is auditioning for a play in NYC. I will say, Royce has the pedigree and credentials to make this work…if she’s able to deliver. Watching her audition reminds me of watching Sheree Whitfield try to take the stage. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not…

Evelyn dines with her mother, Sylvia. Can I just say that her mom looks more like a sister to Evelyn? Girlfriend has aged well! The women discuss wedding plans, and Sylvia questions who will walk her down the aisle. While Sylvia expected to be the one giving her daughter away, she suggests that Anthony do the honors if possible. Both women break down in tears, and Evelyn has decided that Anthony will be at her side on her wedding day.

Suzie and Jenn have dinner so they can dissect the “crazy” newbies, Kesha Nichols and Kenya Bell. They revisit the “bougie” comment made by Kenya and Jenn is floored that anyone could consider her bougie. Was it her clothes? Her actions? Her attitude? All of the above? Suzie decides to take a play out of the BBW: L.A.’s playbook and google Kenya. Jackpot! Suzie does a great job of being surprised to find videos of Kenya acting a fool. “How embarrassing!” They can’t wait to innocently “ask” Kenya about the porn dancing videos they were able to find. I know Suzie has been desperate for a seat at the popular girls’ table, but she seems to have ended up as a mean girl instead. Of course, on this show they are one and the same.

Kesha is using her connections to help Kenya find a venue for a music video. Kenya arrives with an entourage, and Kesha is confused by her fellow newcomer’s approach to video producing. She is appalled by the behavior she’s seeing by Kenya’s crew at the meeting she’s arranged. Kesha is baffled. I like Kesha.

Suzie is like a kid on Christmas morning at the opportunity to call out Kenya over her videos, while having lunch with Kenya, Kesha, and Royce. Suzie finds her behavior weird, not cute…and she takes every opportunity to say so. Kenya manages to keep her cool, but Suzie is there to make Jenn proud speak her mind. Royce is appalled, and while Kenya is enjoying the pair’s friendship, she can’t help but think that Royce is bringing some ridiculous people–aka, Suzie–to the table. Literally.

Royce and Kesha are working out while waiting on Kenya. Kesha is flabbergasted that Kenya doesn’t know all the details that go into shooting a video…whether it’s renting venues, hiring extras, securing a wardrobe, Kenya is clueless. Kesha wants her to be realistic, and she isn’t willing to put her name behind something that is going to be half-assed mediocre. Kenya can’t believe the “haterism” that is coming from her cast-mate. Wow, Kesha brought the biotch, and again, I really like her.

Suzie is treading on thin ice when Jenn finds out that she’s grabbing drinks with Evelyn. The duo dish on the new girls, and Suzie talks as much crap as possible to get Evelyn to be her pal. She takes the opportunity to pull out her phone and share Kenya’s youtube “fame.” Admittedly, the videos are weird as can be, but still. Moving on to Kesha, the women continue their bashing. Suzie thinks, Kesha thinks, she’s a pervert, and of course, Suzie is proudly a perv! So who cares? Suzie invites Evelyn to happy hour with the new girls so she will be better able to make fun of them in the future. Really Suzie?

Royce approaches Tami for some relationship advice. Royce reveals that she is in love with a much younger, Tampa NFL player. Because of this relationship, she and her father are no longer speaking. Tami can sympathize with Royce’s dad…they have both watched Royce get hurt and don’t want to see it happen again.

Royce meets with her publicist to discuss her audition, and she is convinced that she didn’t get the part. She is wrong. Royce gets very teary at the good news, and her poor publicist is confused by her reaction. Can she get some excitement please? Royce calls her brother to share the good news, and she breaks the silence with her father by telling him about the part. He doesn’t say much, and Royce knows he’s still upset with her. She won’t let it bring her down, though.

Evelyn is in Miami to see Chad. She is upset about the twitterumors that he’s been unfaithful. As these women know, if it’s on twitter, it must be true. She is having a hard time living with these stories. Chad says, he’s a work in progress, and he’s trying to be the man that she wants him to be. He’s still a dude who makes minor mishaps. Red flags! Of course, Evelyn isn’t stupid…she knows what dating an athlete entails.

Chad reveals that he wants to survive the odds, but being monogamous is new territory for him. He gets sad to see Evelyn upset, and she wants him to be honest with her. If he’s going to cheat, could he please tell her? And could he please use condoms? She doesn’t want to get a disease from his groupies. Chad seems to have a good compromise…if he sees someone he finds attractive, he should bring her home for a threesome. Is this a serious adult conversation? Is Evelyn bi? Is she willing to accept an open marriage? I am totally floored. Lifestyle or not, my feelings for Evelyn aside, everyone who wants a committed, monogamous relationship certainly deserves to be in one, with someone who feels the same. And now let me step down off my soapbox to tell you about next week’s episode. 🙂

On the next episode, Kenya and Kesha get into a passive aggressive conversation which leaves Shaunie staring, mouth agape, wondering why she hired these two to grace the VH1 audience. Suzie is completely disrespectful at a charity event hosted by Royce, and Kenya strikes out with Tami.


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