Basketball Wives LA Recap: Miami Deja Vu

bbwla draya

Basketball Wives LA has transformed into a ridiculous reunion by women who once claimed they never wanted to be part of the show. If this is their plan to redeem themselves from bad behaviors of the past, they are going about it all wrong! Shaunie O’Neal made her crossover last week, but last night’s episode included a cameo by Evelyn Lozada and the arrival of Tami Roman

The night unfolds with with Mehgan James continuing to scream at Draya Michele for the FUPA comment in Jackie Christie’s cognac commercial. Draya stays calm, claiming that she just wanted to spare the newbie from looking badly in the video. After the viewing, Draya remains quiet as Brandi Maxiell, Malaysia Pargo, and Patrice Curry fight her battle. When Mehgan tries to bring Jackie into the argument, Jackie reminds Mehgan that she was the star of beautiful cognac commercial debut and she’s not about to speak out of turn in the silly FRUPA (no R!) battle. Shaunie swoops in to see why the girls are ganging up on Mehgan, and Draya exits with an eye roll. Malaysia dismisses the newbie as Mehgan shows her lack of FUPA to the group, and Jackie is appalled when Meghan ducks out of the debut party without saying good-bye…or thank you.


The following day, Jackie is planning her cancer charity event for Brandi. She’s perusing a vintage store for some roaring 20’s garb for the Great Gatsby theme, and she’s livid when Mehgan joins her with a “Fakey Christie” greeting. Oh no she didn’t! Mehgan accuses Jackie of not having her back because she was too drunk. Jackie swears she’s never been drunk in her life to a hilarious backdrop of “wasted Jackie” clips from seasons past. Mehgan riles up Jackie with claims that Draya said Jackie coined the FUPA insult with Jackie retorting that Draya found Mehgan’s ass to be too urban. Mehgan loses it, showing Jackie what appears to be a blurred Internet picture…I’m guessing of Draya’s who-ha. Why would she have that on her phone? Jackie swears up and down that she works hard to be friends with everyone even though the ladies are clearly jealous of her fabulous self. Mehgan is happy to stay “friends” (she loves an air quote) with Jackie…for the time being.

bbwla brandi

Brandi’s husband is in Charlotte, and they are face timing to keep in touch and get back to the core of their relationship. She’s staying across the country hoping that he will miss her and learn from his straying ways. She’s willing to work past his infidelities but she knows she’ll never be able to forget. That night, Evelyn is meeting Shaunie for cocktails to talk crap about their Los Angeles counterparts. Shaunie trashes Draya for being a ringleader and both women pretend to be offended by the FUPA comment. They applaud Mehgan for sticking up for herself by announcing that Draya’s vagina had taken over the Internet. Shaunie then turns the conversation to Jackie and how possessive she is of her friends and her husband. Can Evelyn believe that Jackie refuses to perform oral sex on Doug? What a prude! Evelyn then takes a strand of cotton candy (seriously, what the hell was that??) and sticks it to her face, doing her best Jackie impersonation. I’m glad to see these mean girls haven’t changed a bit. 

When she’s not being made out to be this season’s video, Draya enjoys hanging out with her friend Angel Brinks, the ex of Tyreke Evans. The woman complain about the basketball lifestyle with women willing to sleep with coupled players just for money and fame. No blame whatsoever for the men who are in committed relationships. Angel hopes that she and Tyreke can co-parent their daughter together without any drama.

bbwla mehgan

That evening, Draya gets together with the ladies to discuss Jackie’s charity event honoring Brandi. Both Jackie and Mehgan are side eyeing Draya, and Shaunie pushes the issue. Jackie chastises Draya for being part of an embarrassing ruckus at her cognac commercial, and Draya responds that there is no need to bring up the elephant in the room. Mehgan interrupts–is she the elephant? I don’t know, Draya hisses, do you feel like an elephant? Shaunie watches her minions as Draya passive aggressively deflects everyone’s comments. Mehgan apologizes, Brandi feels awkward, and Malaysia enters citing the women’s outfits all look like they were stolen from Patti LaBelle’s closet. The women plan a trip to Santa Barbara, and Draya wants to bring Angel. Shaunie doesn’t feel comfortable going out of town for a night with a total stranger. Gracious, Nostrils is annoying as ever.

Draya wants Jackie to meet Angel, so she’s arranged an aerial yoga class. Watching Jackie try to contain her boobs is hilarious. When Jackie attempts to get to know Angel, Jackie is incredibly jealous. How is Angel better friends with Draya than she is? The conversation turns to Mehgan and how shady it was for her to deny being friends with Jackie to fit in with the other girls. That night, Draya is dining with Brandi and Malaysia, citing that she doesn’t want to travel with Mehgan since she barely knows her. She is perturbed to learn that her friends are warming up to Mehgan, and she steers the chatter to why her friend Angel should join them. 

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As the episode draws to a close, Tami makes her first appearance and Shaunie couldn’t be more excited. She gives her diplomatic speech about the LA ladies being “different” from their clique while throwing major shade at Draya. Shaunie is confused by Draya’s bullying ways and talks smack about Brandi’s trip to Santa Barbara. It’s so cute that these little ladies plan these precious little trips. Shaunie can’t handle the pettiness. That’s rich. 


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