Bethenny Frankel’s new book Skinnydipping debuts on Tuesday, May 1st, and it looks like she might have a hit on her hands.

This is Bethenny’s first attempt at fiction and the early reviews are positive. The Hollywood Reporter gushed:

Skinnydipping is a totally fun, dishy read, especially for fans of reality TV. Clearly, Frankel has drawn inspiration from her own life to construct the plot of the novel and half the fun is trying to figure which characters and events might be drawn from her real life and which are entirely made up.

Love her or hate her, you can’t deny she’s doing something right when it comes to branding and business ventures. And apparently she can write novels, too.


In other “Bethenny’s having a great week” news: It looks like marital woes are reeling in the viewers for Bethenny Ever After, as the show’s ratings have been on the rise. The April 3rd episode saw just 972,000 fans tuning in, but that number has continued to climb over the past four weeks. This week’s show debuted at 1.29 million viewers.

It’s hard to say if those numbers will keep the network and Bethenny interested enough to do another season, it seems to early to tell. Just recently she swore she was done with reality television!

Bethenny’s new talk show debuts in less than two months. If you’re wondering how to find the local station you need to tune into, Bethenny posted a guide on her website.

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