Despite E! denying it this week, rumors are still flying about a possible third walk down the aisle for Kim Kardashian.

This week’s print edition of Us Weekly claims that Kim and Kanye West are moving in a serious direction at breakneck speed and are already talking rings and nuptials. Their closest friends aren’t the least bit surprised because the two have known each other for so long. A source shared, “They’ve been friends for so long and they really know and love each other.”


Kim is even planning to take some time off this summer to be with Kanye when he tours with Jay-Z. “She wants to be with him as much as possible.” Well, duh! There are better headlines to be had when they’re spotted together.

While some mothers hear wedding bells when their daughters are getting serious with a man, Kris Jenner hears the sweet ding of a cash register.

Radar Online reports that Kris is already making sure that a wedding extravaganza will take place – and for cameras, again. Because they didn’t learn a thing before. The last time around, Kim was just marrying a little ‘ol NBA player, whereas this time she’s snagged herself a megastar.

“Kris Jenner is ecstatic that Kim is dating Kanye; she can see their celebrity stock and wealth rising by the day. She is pushing hard for Kim to get her claws into Kanye and would love it if he proposed. She has already told Kim that if they make it down the aisle they are going to do it on camera again; there’s just too much money to be made for Kris to allow this to be done privately.”

Another source says that Kris hopes that a marriage to Kanye will help wipe away the mistake that was Kris Humphries. You know, that guy her daughter isn’t even divorced from yet! “You would think most moms would be keen for their daughter to take it slow, especially seeing as Kim’s divorce still isn’t finalized from the last fiasco. But, Kris just marks Kris Humphries down as a major mistake to be forgotten and is eager for Kim to move on to bigger and better things, which, she believes, Kanye definitely is.”

You have to hand it to pimpmomager Kris: she is one shrewd business woman. A Kimye wedding would be a huge payday for them all.

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