Last night’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding brought us Kim Zolciak wigging out over the arrival of husband Kroy Biermann’s family.

Kim visits Rose the psychic, who tells her that Kroy’s parents don’t like her or want the wedding to happen. I loved the way Rose’s husband answered when Kim asked if he was coming to the wedding. It was the most unconvincing “sure” I’ve ever heard. I predict he’ll skip that mess.


Back at home, KJ is crying and Kim thinks it’s because he senses all of the stress in the house, while Arianna says “or maybe he’s just a baby and they cry”. 2 points for Arianna, she’s the wise one.

While Kim ponders the appropriateness of touching Kroy’s ass in front of his parents, Kendra is cleaning and preparing rooms for the in-laws and Jen sets up a cuss jar to try to help Kim watch her language with Kroy’s parents around.

Kendra finds one of Sweetie’s old cigarettes and instead of throwing away the oh-so-stale cigarette, she puts it in a drawer? Kim immediately grabs it and runs out the door to smoke it. Kroy and the kids aren’t impressed nor find it “sexy”, as Kim thinks it is.

The next day brings the arrival of Kroy’s family: Kathy (mom), Keith (dad), and Kelsey(sister). After some awkward hellos, Kim shows them to their rooms. Was anyone else hoping that Kim would take down one or two of the ginormous half-nude photos to spare the in-laws (and viewers)?

While Kroy is at practice the next day, his mom is going to show Kim how to make Kroy’s favorite meal: beef stroganoff. It’s cute that Kim wants to make her man happy, but we all know she doesn’t cook and she will never make this once mama Biermann goes home. Kathy does 98% of the work, but Kim proudly tells Kroy that “she” made him his favorite meal – after a too-long creepy kiss in front of his mom.

Kim lets Kroy know she’s not going to change who she is to please them, but hopes that they learn to like her. Kroy assures her that they’ll love her. I have to admit that I’m impressed with how hard she’s trying and how much she’s stressing over their approval.

As part of her wedding preparations,Kim goes in for a nonsurgical facelift. Which involves…some scotch tape and vibrators? Anyone? This could have been the most interesting bit in the show, and they just gloss right over it without much ado.

Kim’s stylist Shun shows up to help the moms find a dress for the wedding. Kroy’s mom is such a sweetheart and is excited to try on the dresses. She’s really a good sport, especially considering that this whole thing is probably a little over-the-top to her. Kim is focused on making Kathy feel special and wants her to know that this wedding day is about her, too.

Kim’s mom is MIA. Kim suspects that her mom is still ticked at her for ripping on the dresses she was picking last week in NYC. Kim calls her parents to see where they are. Her dad’s response is “she’s sweating and had to put some deodorant on”. I’m using that excuse next time I’m late for an appointment. It’s just awkward enough to render the person speechless and confused.

Kim’s mom just wants her to take pictures of the dresses and email them and she’ll pick one that way. Kim’s hurt that her mom isn’t making her wedding a priority. Kim, she has important things on her agenda! That deodorant doesn’t just apply itself, you know.

Looks like some mama drama happenin’ next week!

P.S. What does a girl have to do to see some real hair around here?! They teased us with it, making it look like we’d see the real deal this week, but you know they’re gonna make us wait ’til the last episode for the big reveal.

[Photo credit: BravoTV]

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