You’re totally shocked to hear this, I know, but it looks like there will be drama on Tanisha Gets Married, the spin off following Bad Girls Club alum Tanisha Thomas plan her wedding to fiance Clive.

In the following video posted by Radar Online, Tanisha is already fighting with her brides maids Natalie Nunn and Flo Kaja. And it’s only episode 2! Will there be a Bad Girls Club version of hunger games on the season finale? It seems kinda early.

Tanisha doesn’t like the arguing since planning a wedding is hard, y’all! “My life is stressful as it is. I’m planning a wedding. You throw Natalie and Flo into the mix and I’m like, this is stressful!”


On this week’s episode, Tanisha’s fiance Clive gets a hearing aid, which is very sweet. What is not so sweet is Tanisha’s discovery of Clive’s dating profile. I thought getting engaged meant all engagements were off! Tanisha attacks him with pillows to avoid jail. The patented pillow technique. Next week, we find out what happens.

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