Oh Kartrashians…you say one thing and then do another.  Perhaps that is why you are ridiculously hated rich, while I just have the privilege of writing about you.  Me?  I say one thing, and then, well, do it.  Even it’s just taking out the trash.  “I’m taking out the trash.”  And then I take out the trash.  But that’s just me, and my example regarding trash is in no way a comparison to your empire.  Or is it?

Just when you were regaining the tiniest smidgen of respect for Khloe Kardashian for shelving Khloe and Lamar in order to work on her marriage, you may want to rethink your stance.  HollywoodLife.com reminds us that Khloe and her famewhoring sisters stopped by Jay Leno this week, where Khloe dropped a bomb I was totally not expecting.

She told Jay, “I understand people have to sell magazines, but I didn’t pull the plug on any show, it’s not ending. I just said I wanted the summer for ourselves and to be with family and spend time his kids.  Tryouts are in the first week of July. They only take 12, but to be in the top 12 is like a Grammy nomination. I didn’t pull the plug, let’s just call it a hiatus.”  So does this mean there is a future for Khloe and Lamar?  Granted, it’s the only Kardashow I actually don’t hate myself for watching, but I was so proud to see her bucking Kris Jenner the system that I hate to see her back pedal.  But I guess it’s in the genes, so I can’t fault her much.


Meanwhile, those all-knowing “sources” are talking to RadarOnline.com about Khloe’s hopes for her basketballer hubby and their future.  The site reports, “Khloe is telling friends that Lamar [Odom] must make the Olympic team — for the sake of his career and their future together. He has been training non-stop to get in the best shape possible and will do anything to make the cut.”

“Lamar has tremendous respect for the Olympic head coach, Mike Krzyewski, and he knows what he has to do to get ready. Khloe is also training with Lamar to give him confidence and she is really being as supportive as she can.”  We all know the couple that trains together films their lives for everyone to mock together, right?

“Khloe thinks the only thing that will get Lamar out of the funk he is in is to make it into the team, because it isn’t just about basketball when talking about the Olympics,” continues the insider. “Lamar has represented his country at the World Championships previously and he was so very proud and honored to do so, and Khloé wants that for him again.”

“To be a part of something like the Olympics is a once in a lifetime experience. Lamar knows he wouldn’t be a starter, and he is ok with that, he just wants to contribute in any way he can.”  Let’s all just call a spade a spade.  Lamar is doing his darndest to get as far from Kris and her reality empire as possible, even if it means riding the bench in the summer games.  A medal is a medal, people, and I, for one, hope to see him competing this summer in London.

The source claims that Khloe is concerned about her husband’s funk in light of recent events, and she’s all about ensuring that things turn around for the former NBA star.  After all , with sister Kim now dating a rapper, Khloe needs to make sure Lamar remains relevant in basketball.  The source shares, “Khloe thinks the best way for Lamar to get a new deal with a NBA team is if pro coaches were to see how he performs at the Olympics. Lamar would love to sign a new deal with either the Lakers or Clippers, because Los Angeles is his home, but he loves the game so much that he will go where he is needed. Lamar isn’t ready to retire, period.”

Thankfully, in addition to Khloe, Lamar has Duke’s Coach K on his side.  As an ACC fan who cringes at the site of a Blue Devil, you have no idea how difficult that was to type.  Regardless, Coach K recently stated, “Lamar has been a part of our pool. Guys that have competed they earn equity. Lamar was our second leading scorer in Istanbul. We would not have won the World Championships without him. I think, for most players, there are certain bumps and certain things happen throughout their career. They aren’t playing well, they are hurt, and we’ll get a chance to determine his status when we start training camp. He is a part of our pool and we have a great relationship with Lamar.”  In all seriousness, that has to make Lamar feel great.  I think he deserves to continue doing what he loves, and I hope he and Khloe will remain a strong couple…and I also hope he isn’t pulled back into the Kardashian’s reality world until he’s fulfilled his basketball dreams.

And why should Khloe care about whether he’s filming with her?  She’s doing fine in the business world on her own.  The tallest and most outspoken of the Kardashian sisters recently placed a respectable 73rd on Forbes Top 100 celebrity list, pulling in a not-too-shabby 11 million dollars.  Wha??  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shocked at what she raked in last year, but I’m shocked at how little effort it takes for a reality celeb to see more money in one year than I’d see if I was granted two hundred lifetimes.  But I’m not jealous…#lies.

Touted by Forbes as a very savvy business woman, Khloe insists that she won’t hawk anything that comes across her path (perhaps she share that advice with Kim–ahem, Sketchers).  She states, “Look, I get approached with the craziest things to endorse or work on.  But [if I don’t like the product] it’s like ‘absolutely not.’ I’ve been a business person before we had these shows and I’ll be a business person once these shows are over. I refuse to give up on the things I believe matter just because there are cameras in my life.”  Is it bad that I actually believe her?

Continuing, Khloe explains, “I’m strong and fearless and not afraid to take risks in business. And as strange as it sounds, is that what makes me is just that–I’m 100% me. If I’m cooking dinner for my hubby or designing a line or selling on QVC, I try to do it in an authentic way. To speak to people like I want to be spoken to, to be a voice for people who don’t have one and to give them things they need and love.”

Again, I do believe Khloe is the most genuine of the bunch, although given her brethren, that may not be a difficult task.  Go ahead and rake me over the coals, dear readers, but I’m proud to say that I may not be disgusted by this Kardashian.

And speaking of gross people, Kourtney Kardashian may be disgusted by beau Scott Disick in light of recent reports from his (I’m sure former) best friend.  Donald Blanco, Scott’s childhood buddy, tells Life & Style about their former (pre-Kourtney) glory days…and Kim should be proud, given sex tapes are involved.  Donald tells the magazine of his pal’s past, “Scott was obsessed with sex. He loved it.”  Donald should know, as he admits to filming multiple encounters for his friend.

Touting Scott as the main exhibitionist among their group of friends, and admitting that the crew used marijuana more than they used protection, Donald shares, “We’d bring back different groups of girls to one of our houses and do various things to them…We tried to make it a daily routine, and some nights would be taped. There’s probably a good eight or nine tapes.”  Klassy.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

If you’re still reading and not in your bathroom barfing, you may be asking, why would anyone do this?  Simple!  Reality television, baby.  While Scott managed to make it onto the small screen without going the route of Kim, she and Ray J may have been his inspiration.

Donald reveals, “We thought, If we start videotaping ourselves, maybe one day we can make a TV show out of it.  Now Scott’s on a reality show. He was always trying to make it to the top.”  If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go scrub my skin off in a bleach shower while I force myself to think of anything but a Scott Dick Disick sex tape.  Puppies, unicorns, mac and cheese, Cheerwine, the Easter bunny–anything but Scott’s exploits!


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