Surprise! We knew there was a reason that Kate Gosselin suddenly emerged again to give interviews this week – even gushing about getting along with her ex-husband Jon Gosselin – and it wasn’t just to spread the joys of couponing with the masses.

Turns out Kate is trying to shop around a new/old show, but nobody is biting! During the interview with Today she claimed that the kids were missing filming and that “they” were all hoping to do a new project: “We’re hoping – our TLC contract is over – so we’re hoping to move forward and do more fun projects. Fans are begging, ‘They’ve grown up, they’ve turned eight, what are you doing?’ and so we’re hoping to put that out there for them.”


According to Naughty but Nice Rob’s sources, the networks aren’t interested in Kate and her brood. “Once you have a show canceled, it’s almost impossible to sell the same idea to another network. TLC is the non-Hollywood network and the perfect home for her. If they no longer want her, I’m not sure which other network will.”

Kate is pretty bummed out that the networks aren’t beating down her door to work with her. A different source shared with Rob: “Kate had no idea it would be this difficult to sell another show based around her and her family. It’s hard to be on the cover of magazines one week and just a few months later not have people return your calls.”

Maybe if she had a new spin on it, but I just don’t see this happening. If Kate can’t even get a handful of these “fans” on a cruise ship, how is she going to pull in enough viewers to keep a new show afloat? Maybe she and Jon could get back together. I might tune in for that mess.

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