I am really over two things…the first rhymes with Yorga and the second sounds like Poodahay or Ludice, depending on who is saying it.  This week, in Real Housewives of New Jersey news, a little birdie (who I’m betting looks a lot like Teresa Giudice) is telling RadarOnline.com all about sister-in-law Melissa’s Gorga’s master plan to take down Teresa.

Melissa is manipulative and jealous of Teresa’s fame and she has a dirty secret,” a source tells the site.

The source claims, “Years ago, Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorga, sent a tape to the producers promising that if they were cast on the show, they would do whatever it takes to get rid of Teresa.”

Apparently, Melissa has been vying for a spot on the show for a very long time no no avail.  She even got friendly with the villainous Danielle Staub in hopes of gaining the attention of Bravo producers.  When that didn’t work, according to the insider, Teresa told producers she would be able to bring down Teresa.  I’m confused though…I know the producers want a lot of drama (clearly), but I just can’t picture them engaging in some sort of espionage laden plot to ruin the Guidices. Isn’t this old news RadarOnline?


The source, however, is adamant, stating, “Melissa is a bad person and holds a grudge against Teresa because of her fame.”  Not one to mince words, huh?

Meanwhile, Teresa is still giving interviews to her mouthpiece Life & Style, this time talking about her marriage to Joe and those cheating rumors that just won’t go away…or is it that they just won’t stop talking about them?  I’m guessing the latter.  Anyhoo, Teresa is putting the kibosh (yet again) on gossip that her husband has a wandering, um, eye.

“I trust him,” Tre tells the magazine. “No woman has come forward and said, ‘Oh, I’ve been with Joe.’ That hasn’t happened.”  You have to wonder though, just given any situation like this (not bashing on Teresa), if some lovely lady (okay, okay, some random chick…I realize this is Joe we’re talking about) was to come forward, would Teresa believe her?

Teresa is standing behind her man and marriage.  If Joe did cheat, Teresa knows exactly what would happen.  She states matter-of-factly, “We would get divorced.  I could never be with a cheater. That’s disgusting. And I’m sure it would be the same for him with me.”

As for the rumors of Joe setting up camp at local strip clubs and fathering a baby Joe with a mystery woman, Teresa isn’t buying it.  She exclaims, “Give me proof!  I would want to see a sex video! I’d be like, ‘Bring it on, baby, let’s see it!'”  Bravo, if you are reading this, I for one, do not–repeat, DO NOT–want to see a sex video starring Joe.  I don’t think I’m alone here either.

The Joe that Teresa knows is a “totally hands-on” dad to the couples’ four girls as she promotes her Fabulicious: Fast & Fit cookbook, which, of course, remains on the New York Times bestseller list – even moving up two spots since last week!  She opines, “The most important thing to us is our four daughters, and life is really good.  If we weren’t happy, we wouldn’t be together!”

Finally, the happy couple may just get a tad happier if Joe is given more time to negotiate a plea deal regarding the charges alleged against him impersonation and wrongful identity use.

NorthJersey.com is reporting that at status conference on Tuesday, Joe stood silently while his attorney, Miles Feinstein, requested four to six more weeks to reach a plea agreement.  The prosecutor did not object, but the judge did insinuate that Joe had already been granted plenty of time.

While Feinstein’s request was granted, Judge Brown stated, “How much time are you looking for? You’ve already had a lot of time, to be honest.”

As you all know, Joe falsely obtained a driver’s license with his brother’s birth certificate after losing his own.  Joe had accumulated 39 points for a plethora of driving deeds, including leaving the scene of an accident, speeding, talking on his cell phone will driving, unpaid parking tickets, and not wearing his seat belt…just to name a few.  Police began investing Joe after pulling over his brother, running his brother’s information, and seeing Joe’s happy mug pop up in their search.

If convicted, Joe could face up to ten years for one charge and eighteen months for the other.  He’s already rejected a plea bargain to serve five years.  The prosecution will not offer a probation only plea, stating the charges are too serious not to warrant any jail time.

Addressing Joe‘s cast mates on RHONJ, his attorney states, “The matter will be tried in a court of law, not in the press or on the New Jersey ‘Housewives’ show. During several episodes of the ‘Housewives,’ persons appearing have discussed Joe’s case. They have a right to do so, but they should know better. They know nothing about the actual facts of the case and they should realize that the charges are mere allegations and nothing more. Comments made by those people can only prejudice Joe and taint the prospective jury pool. We are looking forward to Joe’s vindication.”

I hate to break it to the poor guy, but I’m guessing the jury pool would be tainted regardless!

By the way: We’re choosing not to address the recent article claiming Teresa and Dina Manzo are at war over Teresa not choosing Project Ladybug as her charity on Celebrity Apprentice. Why? because it’s old news! We covered that months ago and Dina address the story as being not true then. Furthermore, CA isn’t even on the air anymore.


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