It’s obviously Jersey Shore week because these guidos cannot get themselves out of the news! I guess MTV is desperate to drum up some publicity for the new season which many thought would be boring considering a newly sober Situation and a very pregnant Snooki. Luckily, the drinking members of the crew still know how to throw down – literally.

Anyway, enough about bar fights and on to smooshing. Despite her knocked up and engaged status, Snooki is still managing to have scandals galore. The guidette has recently been the unfortunate (for all of us) subject of a nude photo leak. Oops! The age old adage about sex tapes and nudie pics continues to ring true – if you don’t want to them to get out – don’t take them!

The photos were taken pre-pregnancy and naturally everyone believes the culprit of the release is ex-boyfriend with a vendetta (and a famewhore inclination) Emilio Masella.


Emilio has spoken out about Snooki‘s pregnancy and wished some not so savory sentiments to his former flame. Emilio denies having anything to do with the naked photos circulating the web, telling TMZ he’s never seen them before! As for the accusations that he’s behind it, he doesn’t care. “I honestly don’t care. I’m trying to get rid of trash in my life … I’m done with her and moving on with my own career.” Wow – what a catch…

Emilio also insists they came from a boytoy after him given Snooki‘s svelte physique in the photos. Hopefully fiance Jionni LaValle wasn’t behind it!

Finally, Deena Cortese was arrested this weekend. The drunken Deena was getting mouthy with the cops and assaulting some parked cars when she was hauled into jail for disorderly conduct. Sheer class, that one!

A witness gave WetPaint the inside scoop on what happened to get Deena locked up – and apparently it was over some meatballs. Not the kind you eat. “Deena left the Jersey Shore house by herself in the middle of the afternoon … it definitely looked like she had already been drinking,” the witness shares.

“She sat down and started drinking by herself. She was laughing at first but pretty soon she started crying that she had no meatball,” the witness adds. “She said she was looking for a new meatball. She started asking random people at the bar, including one guy, if they would be her meatball for the day.”

Apparently Ronnie and Sammi came to look for Deena and haul her drunk butt home, but she refused to leave the bar without a meatball! “Ronnie was chasing her for a little while and she was running around the bar to get away from him.”

Eventually Deena fled the bar and began smacking passing cars, which is when the cops got involved, “that’s when the arrest took place,” the witness explains.

The cast all trooped to the police station to try and bail Deena out, but the cops wouldn’t let them have her back. I would think they’d be dying to get rid of her.

Harkening back to her own arrest for disorderly conduct, Snooki apparently began singing “Memories,” and commenting that the station looked mighty familiar. What a bonding experience. Deena‘s parents eventually showed up to escort her home. I’m sure they were thrilled…



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