Days after Lifetime released the newest crop of designers for the tenth season of Project Runway comes a report of massive cast unrest during filming!

According to the NY Post’s Page Six during last Friday’s taping a psychologist was brought to the set after one contestant had a full-on meltdown and another contestant suddenly quit the show! “We lost two designers in one day. This has never happened. They seem to be under a lot more pressure,” a source revealed.

“The show is in its 10th season and has been filming for a week, and there is a lot more tension and pressure on the designers,” the source added.


Unfortunately one male and one female designer were unable to cope with the pressure. Allegedly a male designer, “had an episode as the show filmed at Parsons School for Design. A psychologist was brought in to talk to him, but he seemed too nervous and it was decided he should leave the show.”

Luckily for the producers that wasn’t the only incident bringing the wacky as hours earlier a female designer completely disappeared from the set without warning.“She just ran off in the middle of the night. The next morning she wasn’t in her bed, her suitcase was gone,” the source explains. The designers have been staying in the Atlas building in Midtown West – which has housed the designers for several seasons.


Hoping to recruit her back to the show, “Producers went to her home, and her doorman said she was upstairs but didn’t want to see anyone.” Apparently the woman was “paranoid” after placing in the bottom three on the previous challenge.

To deal with the mayhem Michael Kors showed up to address the remaining designers and “calm them down and give them a pep talk.”

A rep for Lifetime did not comment on the report.

Well, that certainly sounds juicy! I do wonder what is causing all the chaos. Hopefully it’s not another case of a totally unqualified designer being heaped with praise by the out-of-touch with reality judges!

Project Runway season 10 will premiere on Lifetime, July 19th at 9/8c.

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