PHOTOS: Meet The Designers Of Project Runway Season 10!

The tenth season of Project Runway is upon us and I know you’re all excited about another season of mediocre designers with little to no talent. Well, we can at least hope some of them can sew a sleeve or a zipper.

Patently ignoring criticism for the past few seasons’ less than exciting talent pool, the show is going full-steam ahead with a new crop of designers who promise to be the best yet. Hopefully they’ll “Make it work.” At least Tim Gunn is still around.

Project Runway season 10 will premiere on Lifetime, July 19th at 9/8c.

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Alicia Hardesty, Age 27, Brandenburg, KY

About Alicia: Education: “I went to Colorado State University for my design and production training. Influences: “Androgyny is more of an influence for me now than ever, but also other creative industries, films, music, etc. My upbringing in Kentucky is big for me now as well.” Design Style: “I can create with all kinds of materials, for various target markets and from various sources of inspiration.”

Nathan Paul, 33, Manhattan NY

About Nathan: Fashion Institute of Technology and won FIT Critic’s Award for Eveningwear. Design Style: “I made my first garment when I was 5. It was a skirt for my mother. I love a woman with curves and a personality. Someone with confidence. I’m told, I’m high-maintenance and obsessive.” Influences: “Music and fluid movement of the human body.”

 Lantie Foster, Age 47, New York, NY

About Lantie: Education: “Two years at Brooks College in Long Beach, California, and two years at F.I.T. in NYC.” Dream Celebrity Clients: “Halle Berry and Natalie Portman. A sexy, shirtless pantsuit.” Favorite Colors: “Black, cream, light gray, brown, white, burgundy.” Design Style: “Using unexpected textures, items and trims together.”

Dmitry Sholokhov, Age 33, New York, NY

About Dmitry: “I used to be a professional ballroom dancer, and around age 11 I started designing costumes for myself, my partners, my friends.” Education: “I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Fashion Design.” Influences: “I am usually inspired by architecture and graphic forms and objects. My designs are clean, graphic, but comfortable at the same time. Comfort is very important to me as a designer.” Design Style: “I have great construction, draping and technical skills.

Andrea Katz, Age 58, Manhattan, NY 

About Andrea: Education: “Art school and self-taught on the job.” Influences: “In the past I approached my work as an artist always pushing to challenge myself to push the edges on what I do. Now I try to do the same, but make it marketable.” Design Style: “I don’t follow trends. Make whatever one buys ‘your own.'” Hates: Jeans!

Fabio Costa, Age 29, Brooklyn, NY

About Fabio: “Before I went to school, when I started customizing my own clothing because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to wear.” Influences: “Music is always a theme in my designs, but I’m also influenced by my surroundings, people, places, streets, and as I incorporate them into my own way of dressing it also influences my work.” Design Style: “Unique sense of style. Progressive construction. Tendency to overlook finishing touches.”

Sonjia Williams, Age 27, Boston, MA

About Sonjia: Education: “I went to Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts. I studied Japanese for 5 years, so I love Japanese culture.” Influences: “I have always been influenced by everyday life, whether it’s colors, textures, shapes or patterns.” Design Style: “I love working with wovens and leather.”

Gunnar Deatherage, Age 22, Louisville, KY

About Gunnar: “I wear some ugly stuff sometimes just for the thrill or reaction. I have no regrets.” Education: “Self-taught” (RE: can’t sew, but is dramatic and makes good TV). Influences: “I’ve recently begun to reflect on designs in history. I like the idea of recreating it to have my aesthetic. I’m all about balance in design.” Design Style: “Outerwear, autumn/winter. Knits, faux leathers. Things with some grip.”

Buffi Jashanmal, Age 32, Dubai, UAE

About Buffi: Education: “AAS in Fashion Design at Parsons. 2 summer courses at the London College of Fashion.”  Influences: “The theatrics and drama of the Ibiza clubbing scene. I LOVE to dress up! NYC club scene is also a great influence. The fun female rappers inspire me: Rae Rae, Nicki Minaj. Barbie and Jem and the Holograms. Trailer trash, disco, the ’80s…it’s just in me!” Design Style: “Recently: Taffeta, organza. I love to work with jersey and knits and metallic twills. Creative and unique. I like to try new ideas and techniques. My sewing and pattern-making are both strong.”

Kooan Kosuke, Age 30, Himeji, Japan

About Kooan: Education: Fashion Institute of Technology. Influences: “The world that is in front of me, anywhere and any situation.” Design Style/Strengths: “Designing, pattern making, draping, tailoring, etc. Some material of fabric that I’ve never seen or used before.”

Melissa Fleis, Age 31, San Francisco, CA

About Melissa: Education: “MFA in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California.” Influences: “Historical art movements.” Design Style: “A forward, distinct look with couture garment construction and experimental design techniques. Hardworking and organized.” Material: Leather.

Raul Osorio, Age 27, Minneapolis, MN

 About Raul: Education: “I learned from my mom, but I also went to MCTC for a while.” Influences: “I like to make statements. Anything that is powerful. Army, romance, Victorian.” Design Style: “Very good construction, excellent pattern-maker, and an executive taste.” Favorite Materials: Lace, chiffon

Beatrice Guapo, Age 28, Marina Del Rey, CA

About Beatrice: Education: Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing, LA. Influences: “In the past it was my mother’s style. She has great style and made most of her own outfits. My own daily life, which includes my friends and family. We are all very busy, on-the-go women. I like to create styles that are fashionable, modern, statement pieces that are easy to wear.” Design Style: “My strength is knitwear. I can make various looks from lounge, dressy, day, to evening in knits. I am strong in sketching, pattern-making, and concept. I hardly ever sew wovens. I don’t sew by hand, and I rarely use zippers.”

Ven Budhu, Age 28, Kew Gardens, NY

About Ven: Education: “I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in womenswear. I spent my third year of college attending Polimoda in Florence, Italy.” Influences: “For me it is about capturing an attitude, a feeling, an emotion, and as a result, creating a stunning visual impact.” Design Style: “I have the ‘taste and eye’ for design which is something that you cannot learn or acquire. I think these are elements that you are born with. This is what I was born to do and what was meant for me will happen. I have a passion for designing extravagant gowns.”

Elena Slivnyak, Age 28, San Francisco, CA

About Elena: Education: “I got an AA degree in product development and a bachelor’s of liberal arts majoring in fashion design from Academy of Art University.” Influences: “Futurism has always been my biggest influence.” Design Style: “My jackets and coats are my pride and glory. Developing high-quality structured garments. An eye for luxury, patterns and construction.” Favorite Material: Neoprene.