Oh gracious.  Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was just as crazy as usual with the fighting, and the name-calling, and the fake, scripted situations.

K. Michelle heads over to Ariane’s apartment to have drinks with Ariane and Mimi Faust.  Mimi reveals that she’s met with Joseline who confessed she was pregnant with Stevie J‘s baby.  She is crying and angry, especially at the fact that when Stevie met up with the pair he had Joseline’s pregnancy test in his pocket.  She wants to move forward with her life.  Mimi is sick of Stevie saying one thing to her and then doing another.  K. Michelle, and of course Ariane, think she’s finally gaining some sense when it comes to her deadbeat boyfriend.


Momma Dee goes to see Scrappy’s new place.  She’s proud of him, as he’s finally in a spot where he can have a lot of naked ladies running around if he so chooses.  Scrappy says he is going to tell Erica that things aren’t working out, and he thinks she’ll be cool about it.  He still considers her and his daughter to be family, and he loves that child like a gangster.  Is there really any other way to love a child?  Momma hopes that this will be the opportunity for Scrappy to hook up with his best friend Shay who is perfect for him.  Scrappy also tells his mom that he’s going to have some words with Stevie for disrespecting Erica.  Momma Dee believes that Stevie needs to be handled.

Stevie heads over to Joseline’s house to talk.  He hasn’t seen her since he dropped her off at the abortion clinic.  Have I mentioned what a classy guy he is?  The worst part is, I think this show is totally scripted, so he knows how he’s being portrayed…and he’s fine with it!  Anyhoo, Joseline is upset that Stevie didn’t think that the baby was his.  He just wants her to get well so she can get back in the studio and make some money.  When she starts to cry, Stevie showers her with kisses.  At least we know this won’t happen again, as Stevie announces he plans to be celibate.

Erica’s mom comes to visit, and Erica explains how wonderful she and Scrappy are doing.  Erica sees an engagement in her future.  Erica’s mom reminds her that the last time Scrappy moved out he cheated on her.  Erica is confident that they are in a much better place.

Rasheeda prepares a romantic meal for her husband Kirk Frost.  She wants him to understand that she gets they need to put more effort into their personal time instead of being so consumed with their business relationship.  Kirk seems genuinely excited, and he is super nice.  He needs to be giving lessons to these other guys.

Stevie stops in to see how Mimi is doing.  When she starts to yell at him, he just smiles condescendingly and asks her why she wants to argue.  He wants to work on things because he’s taken care of Joseline.  Mimi is cussing every which way possible, which causes Stevie to smile even more.  He is so irritating.  He walks off when Mimi tells him she’s done for good.  Doesn’t he have a car?

Stevie reveals to his friend that he wants to make things right with Mimi.  His friend questions if he apologized, and Stevie says he didn’t have a chance.  He was too busy smiling.  His friend tells him he needs to learn how to keep it in his pants.  Stevie just wishes that Mimi could accept him for how he is, cheating and all.  His friend gives him a lesson in monogamy.  This is hilarious.  Stevie loves both Mimi and Joseline, but he really wants to make Mimi happy.

We meet Scrappy’s best friend Shay, and VH1 automatically gives us several close-up views of her bum in a bikini.  OMG!  It’s Bucky from Flavor of Love.  I knew she looked familiar!  Scrappy wants Shay’s advice on dealing with Stevie.  Shay wants to make sure that he’s only defending Erica as his baby-mama and NOT as his girlfriend.  The pair flirt like middle schoolers before she drags him into the house.

Joseline is rehearsing, and Stevie interrupts.  He hopes that Joseline is ready to bring her A game so they can both get paid.  Joseline loves that Stevie is such a great motivator.  Of course, she still has feelings for him.  How does he have so much game?

Erica takes Scrappy the studio to confront Stevie.  What is Joseline wearing?  Scrappy thinks that Stevie needs to be more respectful of his baby-mama.  It’s one thing if Stevie wants to treat his own women like crap, but it’s quite another to be rude to another man’s girl.  Joseline then interjects to accuse Erica of sleeping with Stevie.  Both Stevie and Erica are floored seeing as they dn’t each other.  The next thing you know, Joseline and Erica are fighting and Scrappy is totally kicking Stevie’s a$$.  It is taking all the VH1 henchmen to separate the guys.  Joseline keeps screaming, and Scrappy has lost his mind.  Someone is literally holding Erica.  Stevie finally Joseline into the car so they can make their escape.

Rasheeda meets with Mimi and K. Michelle for lunch, and Rasheeda fills the women in on the fight.  It turns out that Rasheeda and Scrappy are good friends.  Mimi explains to Rahseeda how badly Stevie disrespected Erica at K. Michelle’s showcase.  Erica joins the ladies and reveals that Joseline accused Erica of sleeping with Stevie.  Mimi is upset that Joseline is fighting for Stevie as if she is Stevie’s main chick.  What?  Erica wants to meet up with Joseline to let her know what is what…she plans to have Mimi’s back as well.

Joseline invites Stevie for breakfast, and she wants to know what was up between Erica and Stevie.  Stevie gets upset that Joseline was running her mouth.  All the craziness broke loose when Joseline accused Erica of sleeping with Stevie.  Joseline wants Stevie to handle Scrappy.

Next week, Scrappy is sick, and Momma Dee isn’t happy with Erica for not tending to him.  Erica and Scrappy fight, and he declares the pair “done.”  Mimi is still wishy washy over Stevie, and there is a fight between K. Michelle and some people I don’t recognize.


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