The rumors are swirling this week over a potential shakeup at the American Idol judges’ table. Yesterday it was former Idol contestant Adam Lambert and today it’s …Charlie Sheen? No, seriously.

The show is scrambling, trying to get Jennifer Lopez to sign on for another season, but other names are being tossed around if they can’t get her back.  Some of the reported musicians/singers in the running: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Fergie.  Rumor has it that Nigel Lythgoe has his sights set on Charlie Sheen.


Color me completely confused on this one.  Other than partying with rock stars, what exactly does Charlie have to do with the music industry? Oh, right, he played a jingle writer/piano player on ‘Two and a Half Men‘.  Clearly, he’s qualified since he “played one on TV”.

Charlie told TMZ if the money was right and if FX (the network his new show ‘Anger Management is on) would give him the go ahead, he’d do it!

Cast your vote and tell us if you’d tune in for ‘American Idol‘ with Charlie sitting at the table.

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