Intent to prove that not only does she throw birthday parties for her children, but her in-laws are always invited – Melissa Gorga went on a Jacqueline Lauritastyle Twitter rampage with a barage of photos and tweets in response to our article yesterday.

A source told us Melissa never has lavish birthday parties for her kids – and never has any for the boys. Our source also shared that her in-laws weren’t invited to the party. Well, Melissa got out all her scrapbooks to prove our source wrong.

I feel kinda honored. I’m impressed Melissa reads Reality Tea. Thanks, Melis! I mean it.


The Real Housewives of New Jersey star called us out directly and we’re officially sharing her rebuttal. “Hey @Realitytea sources r lying again. Antonia’s bday is in August! I always throw her big parties. Heres her 1st bday,” Melissa tweeted.

“Here’s the cake and the real fish we gave out as favors! Kids loved them! We had it at the Brielle yacht club,” she informed us about Antonia’s first birthday. She also posted some photos of one of Gino’s parties.

As for the missing in-laws, Melissa says they didn’t want to film so they came over the next day. Well, after the christening I can understand!

Below are more photos from the Gorga childrens’ birthday parties.

Photos from Antonia’s first birthday. Look there’s the Gia in some of them.

Antonia’s 2nd Birthday. “Oh we had a bouncy house that day too!!”

“One of Gino’s parties! Huge jumping slide at my shore house on the bay… Tiger bounce in background..”

[Photo Credits: Melissa Gorga’s Twitter]

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