Look who we have here! It’s a Danielle Staub sighting!

Danielle (along with actress Nikki Blonsky and General Hospital actor Freddie Smith) was asked by Children Uniting Nations to participate in discussions with Congress in Washington D.C. about children’s initiatives that are currently pending.  At the conference, Danielle shared with the panel her personal connection to the issue of bullying and her children’s experiences with bullying.


From the press release:

Children Uniting Nations (CUN), one of the premier non-profit organizations working with at-risk and foster youth, kicked off its 7th Annual National Conference, “Keeping the Promise to Our Children,” in DC.  Legislators, celebrities and industry experts came together to draw attention to three key pieces of legislation including Bullying, Keeping Sports Programs in Schools and Mentoring Foster Youth.

An unlikely but moving speaker was Danielle Staub, from Real Housewives of New Jersey and Vh1, disclosed not only her experiences with bullying as a child and on the show, but also about how that show affected her own children who were bullied by their peers from her appearance on the show.


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