It’s time for a dose of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta gossip — and it’s juicy!  Is he or isn’t she…that is the question.  I mean, is she or isn’t he…wait.  Alright, let’s try this again.  Is Joseline a lady or a dude?

Rumors have been swirling since the show began that the tough talking songstress who is bedding Stevie J. may at one point have been a man.

If that is the case, the show is even more dramatic than I originally thought!


Straight From the A received the following e-mail from a source close to the show that explains Joseline’s past as a man is common knowledge among the cast, but their contract prohibits them from divulging it.  Even juicier are the allegations that Stevie himself paid for Joseline’s surgery!

Read it and see what you think:

“Today I spoke to a reliable source that was a stylist for one of the female artists that quit the show before it aired. The source confirmed that Joseline is in fact a post op transsexual. Which confirms that Joseline, whose real name was Jose, in fact was born male but went through the process of becoming a female.  This information came from a reliable source that was present in during tapings before the undisclosed female artist decided to quit the show.”

“It is also known that before the show was aired the real reason Diamond left the show was because she did  a radio interview where she disclosed the true identity of Joseline and VH1 fired her because she discussed details of the show before it aired.  It is also known that Stevie J is the person who helped Joseline become the woman that she is now.  Everyone on the show is aware of Joseline’s past and can not speak of it due to their contract with VH1.”

Now StraightFromtheA believes that Joseline used to be a guy, but she isn’t so sure that this source has the right information.  She believes other insiders who have confirmed that Diamond wasn’t fired from the show but left on her own accord.  As for me, I couldn’t care less what gender Joseline is, was, or will be as long as she’s comfortable in her own skin.  That said, I’m not buying that Stevie paid for anything.  He seems too cheap!

And speaking of not paying for things, everyone’s favorite mumbler Lil’ Scrappy is finally ponying up for child support…due to the system garnishing his VH1 paycheck!  Here’s what a source told Diary of a Hollywood Street King:

Scrappy and his mother are mad at Erica because she’s getting his paychecks from the television show. Erica hasn’t received money from Scrappy in five-years. She’s the only girl on the show with a regular job.

Scrappy wants Erica to talk to the child support folks, so he can get the TV money he’s working for. Erica doesn’t know about Buckeey. Mona told the cast they can bring on their ex-girlfriends, and that’s what Scrappy did.

Erica didn’t know when Mona was filming Scrappy and Buckeey’s scenes. Mona was backstabbing the cast to capture conflict.

Mona Scott King creating drama to make for a more over-the-top show?  You don’t say!  At least Erica Dixon is finally getting some money for the couple’s child.  Hopefully Shay won’t mind picking up the tab the next time she and Scrappy hit the clubs!


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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