Oh, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta!  I have been waiting to see Stevie J. and Mimi Faust‘s therapy session all season.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mimi wears a fabulous dress to visit K. Michelle in the studio.  She reveals to K. Michelle that she dumped Stevie’s belongings in his friend’s driveway, and she wants the pair to get counseling.  K. Michelle wants to know if Mimi hopes that counseling will rekindle the couple’s relationship or just allow them to co-parent.  Mimi explains that she just wants counseling so the couple can be in the same room together.  Something tells me she’s talking tougher than she actually feels.  K. Michelle shares her new song with Mimi that was inspired by Mimi’s struggles.  Wow, it’s quite the literal interpretation of Mimi’s issues.  I’m a tad worried that Mimi will be offended, but she loves the rendition.


Karlie Redd meets with her manager, and he calls her out on her relationship with Benzino.  Her manager isn’t buying any of it, and he thinks that Benzino is a distraction.  Her manager is NOT Team Benzino.  He wants Karlie to date someone who is relevant.  Does she want love or a career?

Joseline is working it in the studio wearing her fliest tramp wear.  Stevie arrives, and he is less than thrilled to find out that Joseline has enlisted another musician to produce her new single.  Stevie is confused as to why Joseline wants to bite the hand that feeds her.  In no uncertain terms, Stevie reminds her of who brought her up from the strip club.  He may be the most passive aggressive person on VH1.  He still wants to get in Joseline’s bed.  She begs him to break their contract.  No-can-dos-ville-baby-doll!

Rasheeda and husband Kirk Frost angrily convene to talk about how their professional relationship is wreaking havoc on their marriage.  Kirk doesn’t think that Rasheeda is the same woman he married, but Rasheeda needs her main cheerleader.  Tear ensue.  She apologizes for changing in their relationship, but she wants the pair to separate professionally.  Kirk apparently wants more kids, as his main beef with Rasheeda is that it would hurt her image to be a pregnant wife.

Karlie is spending all her nights at Benzino’s.  We really don’t need to see him serving her breakfast in bed.  I will say his “Not Guilty” chest tattoo is dead sexy.  Benzino gifts Karlie with a key to his house.  That’s serious business, y’all!  Karlie decides this is the time to tell Benzino that her manager thinks Benzino isn’t the best boyfriend.  He’s not thrilled at this news to say the least.  She is upset that Benzino takes this new the wrong way.  Can you blame him??  Benzino’s sensitive side seems to win out, and the couple share a teary embrace.  Hip hop isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was!

Mimi heads to a showcase with Erica Dixon to hear K. Michelle perform.  Imagine Mimi’s surprise when Stevie J. takes the stage and dedicates his new song to his baby momma.  Mimi starts off wondering where K. Michelle is, but soon she’s melting at Stevie’s lyrics.  Does this woman have any kind of backbone at all?  I digress…Mimi isn’t melting, she’s listening–and she doesn’t like what she hears.  Mimi feels that Stevie’s apology song was seriously lacking.  After the show, Stevie wants to know what he needs to do to make Mimi happy.  He strips down to his wife beater, and he gets really frazzled when she asks him what went wrong in their relationship that he needed to stray.  Stevie J. pinches his inner thigh so that he’s able to procure some weak tears, and he promises to attend therapy with her.  A crying Mimi lets him lead her away.  Boo!

Scrappy, minus the subtitles, and Shay are playing pool and (I think) discussing his child support situation with Erica.  Shay can’t believe that Erica won’t take Scrappy off of child support.  He vows that if he didn’t have to pay child support, he’d still support when she needed.  I’m sure.  If you’re going to pay child support, why does it matter into which account the money goes.  Scrappy plans to use money he clearly doesn’t have to bring in a lawyer.  I would love for Scrappy to find a lawyer that doesn’t agree he needs to pay child support.  Good luck with that!

K. Michelle is on a blind date with a football player.  She may be a bit too flirty to get a second date.  It’s awkward.  The handshake/hand clap they exchange after is even more awkward.  The back and forth sexual innuendo is way more than should ever be spoken on a first date.  Of course, when he lays down to be straddled by K. Michelle during a make-out session, I realize this is like no first date I’ve ever been on…thankfully!

Benzino is trying to prove that he’s relevant in the music industry so that he can keep dating Karlie.  He sets up a meeting between Karlie and Lady Gaga’s manager.  What?  Karlie is needs to stick with Benzino.  I don’t believe her current team was ever able to score her a meeting with some associated with the Gags!

After humping her blind date at a bar, K. Michelle is concerned that she can’t find a dude that gives her butterflies.  She enlists her ex-boyfriend from college to help her dissect her relationship problems.  He believes that she sets herself up for failure by picking the wrong guys who are in her professional setting.  She doesn’t want to hear her ex’s advice, but he’s spot on…she shouldn’t have asked him if she didn’t want the truth.

Mimi and Stevie head to therapy.  I’m anxious to see if Stevie thinks that his double talk will fool the therapist.  Mimi is excited that Stevie admits he’s a liar to the therapist.  She thinks that is a step in the right direction.  Is she crazy?  Stevie admits his affair with Joseline to the therapist.  He stupidly admits that he loves Joseline as a friend or someone who he likes to kick it with on the regular.  The therapist has Stevie pegged as a giant liar.  He’s floored to find out what a serial cheater Stevie has been during his relationship with Mimi.  Kudos to the therapist for calling out Mimi on her enabling behavior.  He questions Mimi’s relationship with her mother.  Wait, what??  We learn that Mimi’s mother gave up her children and family for Scientology!  Call TomKat!  Mimi believes she is looking for the love she never got from her mother.  I hope Stevie is really watching this exchange.  Stevie reveals that he never knew his mom, nor did he ever ask his father about her.  He’s playing it very cool.  This therapist needs to replace Dr. Drew as the reality show psychotherapist.  The damaged pair seems to be on the right path.

Next week, Stevie wants Mimi and Joseline to make amends.  Benzino plans to propose to Karlie, and Kirk and Rasheeda’s new manager have words.


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