No, no, no, no, no and NO.  NO.  I can’t.  It’s just…wow.  So allow me to preface before I get to the meat of this story, I am not a big Olympic watcher for games past.  I know, how very un-American.  However, after being chastised repeatedly by people for choosing Friends reruns over past opening ceremonies, I dedicated myself to watching every last event London had to offer.  I’ve watched boxing, I caught the kayaking prelims, I was out of my seat for volleyball matches, I have almost thrown my laptop when seeing spoilers.  It’s been ah-mazing.

Of course, everyone is always all about gymnastics and the swimming.  Oh, the swimming.  Sure I knew who Michael Phelps was, but who knew he had a teammate who was as easy on the eyes as Ryan Lochte?  Sure, when he talks he may not sound like the sharpest tool in the shed, but oh, those baby blues!  So imagine my shock/horror/dismay/sadness/insert drmatic word here when I was stalking him online and found out that he may or may not be seeing K. Michelle.  Yes, that K. Michelle.  Of train wreck Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta fame.  That one.  Gahhh!


Now, I like K. Michelle, don’t get me wrong, but Ryan?  MY Ryan?  I guess I should take comfort that he’s not cheating on me with Joseline.  K. Michelle is super pretty and ridiculously talented, but didn’t she go insane (understandably so given the abuse she allegedly suffered in her last relationship) at Jive Records?  I guess that is neither here nor there, and I should probably get to the meat of this post before you get bored with my self-pity and stop reading.  :)

The duo, who claim to be “just friends” have been spotted out together a lot in recent months.  They sat together at the NBA All-Stars game, and the hip-hop songstress recently tweeted the following:

What is that all about?  Are they or aren’t they?  I need to know before the Olympics are over, mainly because I’m so all about the games like never before.  This is big news people.  Big news!  I really can’t even handle it, although if they’re happy (and by they, I mean hot Ryan), than I’m happy.  Go USA…and go hip hop!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]

UPDATE: K. Michelle spoke with Funky Dineva and claims she’s not dating Ryan – they’re just friends. With benefits? Hey – I’d do it!

“That’s my friend,” K. Michelle explained. “He’s a dope person, a good person…I didn’t say I was dating him, [just that] I’m dating.”  Well, there you have it. Just friends. I do think her hair looks amazing with his eyes though.

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