Well, that didn’t take long, did it?  Yesterday we reported that Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Giudice calls his wife a less than flattering name on the upcoming episode…while he’s on the phone with a woman he refers to as “baby” no less!  While most women would be humiliated to have their husband say such a nasty thing to them–in private OR on national television, Teresa Giudice is doing what she does best.  Denial, baby!

Not that any of us should be at all shocked, right?  Appearing on The Couch talk show, Teresa addresses the public’s perceived issues of her relationship with Juicy Joe.  She explains, “There’s no trouble in our marriage, Joe and I are happily married.  You can’t listen to everything that’s out there.”  Even if it comes from your own husband’s mouth and it’s caught on film?  You don’t even listen then?


Teresa continues, “I have a thick skin.  I’ve just gotten stronger and stronger.”  Blah, blah, blah.

Again, her denial isn’t surprising.  Tre usually spends her time with her nose in everyone else’s business to even notice her own.  Next week she’ll be trying to convince the world that we were actually watching her brother Joe Gorga say that about his wife Melissa.

Speaking of, a source close to both the Giudices and the Gorgas spoke exclusively with Reality Tea.

Our source reveals, I am sure you heard all the hype about Joe’s phone calls. It really isn’t surprising. Joe Giudice has been known for his ‘women on the side’ for a very long time. Joe has been stripped of his masculinity these past few years. He lives in Teresa’s shadow and has no driver’s license. That is a hard pill for a man to swallow, especially when they always had the traditional marriage of her staying home and him being the provider.”  I bet it’s even harder to have a successful wife when you’re a grunting chauvinistic pig, but I could easily be wrong.

It also sounds like the Joes have more in common than oily chests sex talk.  Continuing, our insider says, “On to the Gorga’s in Gorga land…Joe never wanted Melissa to work. He NEVER supported her working outside the home. He was adamant about her being a stay at home mom. This whole ‘I support my wife’s dreams’ is total BS for the cameras.”

The same source shares, “Joe also really hopes Melissa will be a breakout star like his sister was and still is. It just doesn’t seem that will be the case for Melissa. She just isn’t that popular. That is not sitting well with Mrs. Gorga! She is determined to be bigger and better than Teresa. She is always worried about what Teresa is doing, where she is shopping, what she is up to etc. Don’t believe that ‘we have the perfect marriage’ they are trying to portray on camera.  It sure is NOT their reality!!!!”

So wait, are you telling me the Gorgas are just on display for Bravo cameras?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!



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