Last night’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta began where last week’s left off…with a butt whupping session from Joseline mid-therapy.  Once they get her under control, Mimi Faust admits that she lied about staying with Stevie J. just to see Joseline’s reaction.  Joseline going crazy with jealousy confirms Mimi’s suspicions that Stevie is still seeing Joseline…despite what he’s told her.  The therapist questions Mimi’s intentions, and she says she just wants Stevie to leave her alone.  After hearing all of Stevie’s lies, she’s now interested in Joseline’s side of the story.

Joseline is teary-eyed talking about her lonely childhood.  She admits that she didn’t know much about Mimi because Stevie only referred to her as his baby mama.  Had she known they were still together, Joseline never would have started things with Stevie.  Um, yes she would have–it was clearly in the script!


Erica Dixon meets with Lil’ Scrappy at the park to get the run-down about Shay.  Scrappy mumbles that he and Shay are just friends, and he’s laying on a lot of bull.  Erica isn’t believing a word of it.  She starts crying and asks Scrappy if he realizes he’s showing their daughter an awful way to treat women.  Erica wonders how he would feel if their daughter got into a relationship with someone who didn’t respect her.  I have to say, that rationale does hit home with Scrappy.  I know he must be serious because he seems to be enunciating more.  Scrappy loves seeing Erica so emotional because it means that she loves him.

Joseline goes to Benzino’s house looking for Stevie.  When she learns he’s not at home, she gives Benzino the rundown on the therapy session.  Joseline can’t believe Stevie has been lying to her about Mimi.  After all, they just had sex in Benzino’s guest room the other day!  I expect Benzino to go running for the Lysol and start burning mattresses, but instead, he goes into therapist mode.  He questions whether Stevie and Joseline were having sex or making love.  I just threw up in my mouth a little.  This reasoning flies way over Joseline’s head, and she reveals they have the sex, the love, the dirty sex, whatever Stevie wants.  I just threw up in my mouth a lot.  Benzino believes that Joseline isn’t capable of separating her feelings for Stevie with their professional relationship.  She storms out, telling Benzino that if Stevie wants to talk to her, they need to go back to therapy.  How am I just now noticing that Benzino doesn’t have a neck?

Scrappy is getting his haircut, and Momma Dee joins him to discuss his chat with Erica.  He shares that he is considering reconciling with Erica.  Oh-no-he-better-not!  Momma Dee is livid…this is, after all the woman who LEFT HER SON FOR DEAD.  Exaggerate much?  After spewing insults about Erica, Scrappy scolds him mom for talking so poorly about her granddaughter’s mother.  Momma Dee doesn’t care.  She thinks Erica is a “B-!-C-T-H…in that order!”  Admittedly, I’m an awful speller, but really?  Erica’s a bicth?  What is that??  I love this show.  As far as Shay is concerned, Momma Dee likes her a lot, but she wants her son to be the best player he can be.  Awww, isn’t that every mother’s dream?  While Scrappy thinks it’s fabulous that his mom preaches the player lifestyle, he really doesn’t want to continue hurting Erica.

Rasheeda and Erica meet up for shopping and girl talk.  I love Rasheeda’s green blazer, but I am super worried that her giant earrings are about to rip huge holes in her lobes.  I can barely concentrate on the girls’ discussion.  Rasheeda thinks that Scrappy is lying about he and Shay being “just friends,” and Erica totally agrees.  She’s starting to think that she’s better off without him.  Rasheeda dishes on her issues with husband Kirk Frost in light of the deterioration of their professional relationship.  Erica suggests some lingerie and serious conversation, and Rasheeda is willing to try anything to fix their rift.

Benzino takes Karlie Redd to a nice dinner, although he is tired of always talking about her career.  Can’t they talk about something different?  She blames his ego.  He just wants to get through the dinner without talking at all about the music industry.  I think that’s fair…given that the music industry and going at it seems to be all on which their relationship is based.  Seeing as it would be in poor taste to do it on the table, I have a feeling they are just going to be staring at each other most of the meal.

Joseline and Karlie go rock climbing.  Seriously.  VH1 must be running out of Atlanta venues that will allow them to film.  Joseline vents about the therapy session, and Karlie explains that Benzino is no longer the romantic he was three weeks ago.  She’s unsure how their relationship will play out given that her management team doesn’t want her to have anything to do with him.  Joseline tells Karlie she needs to be strong and stop getting played.  She’s decided that she’s going to show Stevie who wears the pants when it comes to the two of them.  Joseline is going to allow him to be her manager, and she’s only going to sleep with him on her terms.  You go girl!  That will certainly teach him a hard lesson!

Rasheeda and Kirk go to dinner, and she reveals that she would rather focus on their relationship.  She’s going to hold off on changing her management.  Rasheeda wants to prove how much she loves him, and she proposes a vow renewal with family and friends…she also teases him about the new lingerie she’s wearing.  Kirk will certainly toast to that!

Benzino invites Sleezo (his nickname for Stevie J. is priceless!) to join him for drinks at the strip club so they can chat about their relationships.  Stevie really hopes that one more therapy session will solidify the perfect threesome among he, Mimi, and Joseline, and they will be able to ride off into the sunset.  Benzino just wants Karlie to keep up with current events so she’ll have something to talk about other than herself and her job.

Benzino meets Mimi at the car wash, and he wants her to know that he’s staying neutral.  Mimi goes off when Benzino tells her that Sleezo cheating only once during their fifteen year relationship is pretty good.  Bwahahaha!  I’m sure it was only once.  He then puts his foot in his mouth by calling her Joseline, which only solidifies to Mimi that she’s around a lot more than Stevie claims.  Benzino really can’t do much more than offer to be a sounding board and support system for her in the future.  He is by far my favorite character on this show, but I am so hung-up on this neck situation, I have a hard time focusing on his sage advice.

Rasheeda and Erica are going to a charity event where K. Michelle will be doing a performance piece about domestic violence.  Rasheeda feels like she’s put in the middle because the man who K. Michelle says was abusive is one of her best friend’s husband.  He claims that K. Michelle is lying about her accusations (of course he does!).  K. Michelle performs her piece with a bloodied face and wearing a wedding dress.  Her  and her words are very powerful, and even Rasheeda is on the verge of crying, although you can see her squirm when K. Michelle talks about the man who abused her.

Karlie approaches Benzino about his temper.  He certainly does a good job of hiding it from the cameras…until now.  He’s pretty bitter.  Karlie also cites Benzino’s jealousy as an issue in their relationship.  He reminds her of the lies she’s told that create an air of jealousy.  Benzino feels like he’s always sticking his neck out for Karlie…sorry, I couldn’t resist!  The pair resolves to work on problems in their relationship.

Rasheeda and K. Michelle are meeting for lunch, and Rasheeda is worried that she’s going to have to lay her position out on the table.  She’s super uncomfortable hearing K. Michelle bash her friend.  K. Michelle thanks Rasheeda for not taking sides, and Rasheeda can’t leave it at that.  All she needs to say is that she doesn’t want to take sides, and she feels put in an awkward position when she has to hear about it from either side.  But no…she tells K. Michelle that maybe he didn’t actually do anything to her.  K. Michelle breaks down, screaming about what she went through.  It’s truly heart wrenching, and I think Rasheeda is starting to regret her word choice.  She is silent as K. Michelle storms out of the restaurant.

Next week, it’s the season finale!  I don’t know whether to be relieved or upset.  Yeah, right!  Rasheeda and Kirk renew their vows, and K. Michelle and Rasheeda seem to try to resolve their issue.  Karlie and Benzino still appear to be on the rocks, while Scrappy is gung-ho about fixing his “family unit” with Erica.  Shay doesn’t like being played by Scrappy, and lo and behold, we have another three-way therapy session!  YES!


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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