After this past episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, I am sure Napa was beyond ready to bid farewell to the crazy crew.  From name calling to doing the dirty grape style, it was all just to much for me.  Also, I never needed to see Joe Gorga in nasty, tight boxer briefs.  Have these people no shame?

We all know the main drama occurred when Juicy Joe Giudice had some choice names for his wife Teresa while on the phone with “a business contact.”  Not surprisingly, Teresa takes to her blog (and the cover of In Touch–go figure!) to share her pain.


“I can’t make any excuses for what Joe said to me,” states Teresa in her blog (before making the following excuses…), “He doesn’t talk like that to me at home, he’s never called me that name before, and he doesn’t remember saying it. But it’s not right. It hurt my feelings, and it was horrible to watch played out on national TV.”

She continues, “Why did he say it? I have no idea. I do know we were in the wine capital of America drinking heavily… Alcohol + camera = not a good idea. But believe me, if he talked to me like that regularly, we would not be together. I don’t know why the camera (and alcohol) brings out the worst in him… it just does. Imagine being filmed all the time during the most stressful parts of your life. Last year was not an easy year for either of us for a lot of reasons: finances, family, people we thought were our friends…”

Teresa also wants to remind fans that this happened a long time ago, and it’s not nearly as bad as her family reaching out to crazy Danielle, right?  RIGHT?  She writes, “My husband disrespecting me on camera happened a year ago, but I just found out about it, and I’m trying to process it. I seem to always be the last to find out things, huh? People’s pasts keep coming out and they admit their dirty deeds to me, like my own family contacting Danielle to try and “take me down,” but I only find out about it months or years later. They say they’re sorry, they’re not that person now, and what can I do? I forgive them. I forgave my brother and Melissa, and I can forgive Joe. But I’m not stupid. It does make me wary, it does make it hard to trust the people I love…The truth is Joe and I are happy together now. He’s a great dad and a great husband and we still really like each other. He’s not perfect, I’m not perfect, but you put up with each other’s faults for the good of the whole. Should I break up my family and leave him because he called me an ugly name a year ago?”

Teresa also discusses her relationship with the tabloids, and she seems to be citing jealousy as the reason why her cast mates question it.  She shares, “Why the other people on my cast keep bringing up me doing magazines and press like it’s a bad thing is crazy to me. We do whatever press we need to do to support the show. It’s not my fault I get picked to be on so many covers.”  Not your fault, indeed, Teresa!

As for Melissa Gorga, she writes in her Bravo blog, “I’m not going to get into the phone call we saw Joe have. I didn’t like it when Teresa made accusations about my marriage, so I’m not going to do it to hers. They have four daughters that need to be protected from this, so I will leave it to Joe and Teresa to explain it. How they choose to live within their marriage has nothing to do with any of us. I was very upset when I watched the episode, and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. We may have our differences, but I would never want this to happen to her.”

Melissa also admits that she enjoyed her time with Teresa but wanted to make her see why people questioned her magazine covers.  She reveals, “I needed to explain to her that when she puts out these articles about her marriage and kids in a magazine and accepts a paycheck, then it’s no longer just her business, it is now everyone’s business. So she can’t get upset when people discuss it. I felt like she was listening to me, but I’m not sure, because I just saw another one yesterday. To each their own.”  Ouch!

Melissa also touches on the most recent episode in an interview with Celebuzz.  She tells the site, “Well, what you’re seeing now is footage from last summer, so there’s a lot happening in a year’s time. It got a little rocky, unfortunately, not because I wanted it to, or because I didn’t do everything you’re seeing in these episodes.  Everything you saw on this last episode was real. I meant every moment of it. I was truly, genuinely truly enjoying her company. I would never imagine someone would throw a punch after that…  But there’s a couple bumps that come after that and you’ll see them on the show.”

Switching to a more funny and light-hearted topic, Melissa reveals the true reason that her husband Joe was wandering around in his underwear for the majority of their Napa trip.  She explains, “[T]hey didn’t show why he was in his underwear the whole episode. He had a bet with Albie Manzo. My husband had these really nice swim shorts. These awesome swim shorts that I just bought for him and so Albie wanted to wear them and they had a bet and Albie won the bet so he had to give his shorts to Albie. But they didn’t show that, so you’re just thinking he’s just walking around in his underwear, but there was a reason he was.”

Melissa also has to drop that one hint that all the housewives from all the franchises are always dropping…a spin-off.  She says, “I would [consider a spin-off]… Now that Bethenny is off the air they need another couple’s show.”  Of course you would…and no they don’t!

Finally, Starcasm is reporting that New Jersey socialite Alisa Maria may be joining the ladies as a permanent fixture next season.  She’s been on a few episodes because she’s friends with Teresa and Kathy Wakile, and she also styled Melissa for On Display.  Alisa Maria and Melissa allegedly had a following out, and it’s rumored that fight will play out next season.


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Alisa Maria

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