Last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York brought drama from end to end. Pinot Singer and Heather Thomson have been butting heads all season and things came to a peak last week with a ridiculous, over-blown argument at a supposedly “upscale” party. In the midst of the chaos, Heather called Ramona “crazy” cause hey, she is. Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t go so well.

“Calling a man’s wife crazy was probably not the best approach but initially Mario didn’t seem to disagree that Ramona was acting irrational. And in light of her behavior, I think crazy wasn’t far off the mark,” Heather writes in her Bravo Blog.

Ramona should be fighting her own ‘bottles,’ but instead of facing her issues she’s dropping bombs and then and running off, like always, and I am left to face Mario now.”


While Heather is fine to take on Mario – she isn’t so sure about what was going on with her so-called friend Aviva Drescher who is certainly drinking the pinot to her detriment!

“And Aviva? What’s with Aviva? Is her attack on me a way of changing the subject? Come on ladies, I am right about Jacques. Reid is defending me while Aviva is defending Mario?”

“I do think Aviva is just having a momentary lapse of sanity with regard to Ramona and honestly hasn’t everyone admitted Ramona can be crazy? She really is just too much! I only hope she’s not contagious and is spreading her crazy to my friends!?,” Heather adds.

Luckily the ladies have definitely made amends and there’s no lingering hard feelings. Are we sure they’re on a reality show?

“Despite the fact that Aviva frustrates me at times, I do admire her and care for her,” Heather explains. “Aviva and I definitely aren’t on the same page all of the time, but at the end of the evening, we realize together that this really isn’t about us and we decide to let it go.”

Well, it would appear Aviva has realized the error of her ways. Pinot may be good for the Pinot, but it’s not good for the sane.

One person who agrees that Heather handled the situation with Ramona perfectly is LuAnn de Lesseps. Oh, LuLu don’t you ever stop with your priceless Pinot commentary!

“Boy, did Jacques and I pick the right time to leave Ramona’s party,” LuAnn writes in her own Bravo blog. “Ramona eavesdropping on Heather and Aviva’s conversation then yelling at Heather for having the conversation is vintage Ramona.”

“To me, Heather was in the right and she was catching hell for defending Jacques and calling out the group on their immaturity. I say, ‘Well done Heather.'”

“Couldn’t Aviva see Ramona lurking behind Heather? Why didn’t she say something instead of allowing Ramona to overhear the conversation? Heather apologized right away for the crazy remark — but there’s no doubt in my mind that Ramona was acting a bit crazy that night,” LuAnn adds.

One person who does NOT think she was acting crazy is of course Ramona. Her pinot addled brain sees her actions as totally appropriate at all times.

“The tension between Heather and I is growing tiresome. I didn’t react well at the party. I definitely pulled a hit and run but I had gotten to a point with Heather where enough was enough,” Ramona says in defense of her behavior.

“I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. I think Heather double-talks. She says one thing and then five minutes later changes it. ‘Ramona’s crazy.’ ‘No, I said Ramona’s acting crazy.’ Just say what you mean and stick with it. I can’t keep up with her when she changes what she says and contradicts herself.”

And Ramona insists she had every intention of supporting Aviva and her charity, but alas she had an outbreak of rosacea or something. “Aviva has been very supportive of me, holding her own against LuAnn and Heather. I truly wanted to support her cause, by not just a donation but by physically being there,” Ramona writes in her Bravo blog.

“This event was so important to her and I truly regret not being there. I was dressed and ready to go right after my doctor appointment. I had a terrible reaction, which prevented me from going, but my lesson was learned. I should not schedule appointments on the same day as important events because you never know what can happen. Live and learn.” Well, that’d be nice, but unfortunately I do not believe her!

However, Ramona cannot support Aviva’s attitude towards Sonja Morgan skipping the event to attend to her beloved dog. “Aviva did not seem to understand this connection and how tough it was on Sonja to see Millou so sick. Sonja was not dismissing Aviva’s event. She was sorry she could not make it but life happens.”

Well, tonight is an all-new episode of RHONY. In week one of a three-part St. Barth’s adventure the ladies disembark to the tiny island. Unfortunately Aviva arrives later with Reid.


Staying in a private villa the ladies host a pirate-themed fete and things get a little out of hand when a Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp lookalike ends up staying the night. As a result LuAnn is accused of cheating, but is it really LuAnn he was visiting with?

Real Housewives of New York airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the inappropriate behavior and middle-aged bikini wearing antics. I’ll be doing Turtle Time in my own living room – hopefully you will be too! Pinot 4 eva!







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