Wil Heuser spent the first half of his summer drinking and scheming inside the Big Brother house. Even though Wil got evicted from the house in week 6, I guarantee you have not seen the last of him. Not even close. If anyone from Big Brother 14 is destined to make a living as a reality TV star, it's Wil Heuser.

But first… did you know Wil has his own YouTube channel? In the past, Wil poked fun at the Real Housewives. He's at it again. This time, he parodies Big Brother! If you're a fan of Wil's snark and/or Big Brother, you are not going to want to miss this video. Trust me.


In the video, Wil impersonates Julie Chen (picture above), Frank Eudy, Joe Arvin, Jenn Arroyo, Britney Haynes, Danielle Murphree, and Janelle Pierzina. Wil refers to this video as the "first in an epic trilogy." I cannot wait for the next two parts! 

Big Brother 14 Week 7: The Power of the Power of Veto!

Photo credit: The Wil Show, of course!


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