Aaaahhh… Brandi Glanville vs LeAnn Rimes. If ever there were two people who needed their own reality show. If you aren't up to speed on what's been happening here's a brief rundown: Brandi was once married to a fine gentleman named Eddie Cibrian, who left her for LeAnn – once a mistress now a wife.

LeAnn starts copying everything Brandi does and has been allegedly harassing her on Twitter. She amasses an army of regular folk to join in on the bashing. Brandi hates LeAnn but wants to make fake nice for her kids…. sometimes. LeAnn likes dryhumping Brandi's ex-husband in front of staged paparazzi and her step-sons. Brandi no likey. Brandi also no likey LeAnn.


LeAnn snaps, has a meltdown during a lunch with her obsessed twitter followers (she has fans?). She calls a Brandi fan on the phone and berates her. It is caught on tape. LeAnn sues for wiretapping or something. LeAnn goes to rehab for Twitter-obsession. Celebrity Rehab here she comes!

Did I mention these people are adults and this is REALITY – not a movie about mean 8th graders?

Moving on, LeAnn finds out she's served the wrong twitter snarker. Brandi pretends to be supportive, but alas she can only contain her snark so long. Which leads me to THIS point (finally); the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star made this comment about LeAnn's little Oops… I Sued The Wrong Girl situation: 

Hilarious! Does this sound like a Lifetime Movie I need to see or what? Which is funny, because LeAnn and Eddie met filming a Lifetime movie. Six degrees of D-List celebrity!

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