There is a lot happening in the lives of the Real Housewives of Atlanta stars.  Kim Zolciak has finally unveiled baby pictures of new addition Kash Kade, and it seems the family has purchased a new home.  No more Big Poppa livin'?  It's the end of an era!

Meanwhile, as Kim focuses on being a happy wife and mother, NeNe Leakes has her eye on the prize…and that prize isn't starring on RHOA.  Has NeNe been bitten hard by the acting bug?


First up, Kim recently shared her family time with Life & Style (shocking, I know), revealing that everything about new son Kash is perfect.  She says, "It was the easiest pregnancy out of all of them! I had a couple of weeks in the beginning that were really rough, but then it was great."

Motherhood totally suits Kim, and she tells the magazine, "I love it. There's nothing else in the world like it. I'm just at peace. I was never out there searching for something, but there was always kind of a missing piece, and I have it all now. I literally have everything."

As you could guess, Kim certainly isn't opposed to adding to her family, revealing, "Kroy [Biermann] wants a football team! He'd have me pregnant forever. I couldn't say no — or keep my hands off my husband."

Hopefully, the growing brood will have plenty of space for a large family as they have apparently moved out of Big Poppa's house…finally.  Kim tweeted, “Busy day! lunch w/ my docs wife, hubbys fam in town, went to our new house, groceries, chased KJ around, fed Kash 10x, dropped Elle off at work! Goodnight!,” followed by a post from eldest daughter Brielle, “So excited for our new house!! #sobeautiful."

While Kim is experiencing domestic bliss, NeNe is finding excitement in Hollywood…not Atlanta.  Starring in NBC's The New Normal, Perez Hilton reports that NeNe is ready to hang up her reality hat.  She says, "I love the acting world. So at some point. . . I can’t continue to be a Housewife. At some point, I have to back out."

NeNe explains, "Just the thought of me being a Housewife, they [casting producers] would probably say 'Hmmm. We may not want to use her.' Just the whole persona of being a Housewife. The cattiness and the bitchiness and the fighting. People see you as that is who you are."  NeNe makes a valid point, although one could argue that over the past seasons of RHOA the Neenster has personified the cattiness and the bitchiness and the fighting!

And what is the Bravo franchise without all the drama?  Rumor has it the women are taking a trip to Vegas this season.  There has been a lot of activity in the RHOA Twitterverse in the last week from members of the cast.  On Friday, NeNe wrote, "Well hello Vegas," with Kandi Burruss tweeting on Saturday, What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. So they say…….”  Not tweeting from Vegas?  Kim.  She really hates a girls' trip these days, doesn't she?


[Photo Credit: Life & Style/Twitter]


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