So, let's get this straight, shall we?  Alexis Bellino has allegedly quit Real Housewives of Orange County, but yet she can't stop talking about it.  And neither can her co-stars.  There is so much she said/she said with these original ladies they may start being confused for their New Jersey counterparts.  Totally kidding!  The O.C. is too blonde.

Last season, Heather Dubrow lead the charge against Jesus Barbie in an attempt to find out why she needed to be equal parts fake and pretentious.  As you recall, it didn't go well.  Now Heather is back in media to dispute Alexis' multiple claims in the media that she quit the show instead of not being asked to return.  Does it matter?  Either way I have an Alexis-free season, and while I don't really like any of the women anymore (shocking, I know), she grated on my last nerve.


All Media New York has the scoop on the ongoing back-and-forth between Heather and Alexis.  Heather shares, “Well, I know a bit about the real circumstances under which she is leaving and it’s not how she’s portraying it to the press."

She continues, "I will tell you this much, I think she should come back but I’m not really sure it was her choice.”  Sure it was!  Alexis was likely thrilled to leave the glamorous world reality television to become the first lady of trampoline land. 

Heather reveals that she thought everything was okay between the women after the reunion, admitting, “We apologized to each other for some misconceptions and misunderstandings, for feelings that were hurt for many reasons. Then two days later, she gave some nasty interviews about me to the press.”

Shouldn't anyone who has even watched one episode of any of the franchise know that's how things roll?  There are no accepted apologies, no dastardly deeds forgotten, and no friends…only frenemies (and that's if you're lucky!!).  Heather also stands behind her previous claims that Alexis was rude to the Bravo production crew.  She states, “Anyone who has a toddler understands how she treats the crew. Actually, my toddler is nicer.”

Alexis, for her part, maintains that she gave Bravo the ol' heave-ho and not the other way around.  She asserts, “Although Bravo made me a very generous offer and I’m thankful to have had this experience, I will be leaving the show behind to focus on my family and other opportunities."

In response to Heather's interview, Alexis tweeted, " Do I need 2release my offer letter 2the media & make u look like a fool? Stick to what you know HD…being mean."  Ooooh burn!  Passive aggressive much?

Of course, Heather couldn't stay quiet either, replying, " When you are offered a return & you ask 4 more $ & they say 'never mind'. That's a clue . I'm honest, not mean."

Twitter: making it easier for grown women to act like middle school mean girls.  In the midst of the ugly, enjoy some pictures of Vicki Gunvalson's grandson below courtesy of Briana and Ryan Culberson's Twitter. 


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I can't handle the preciousness.

He is just too cute!






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