Can it get any better than this, I ask you? Does it get any crazier than mammoth egos of epic proportions? And really who has bigger egos than Teresa Giudice and MADONNA? Really… I don't know?

According to The Huffington Post, the Real Housewives of New Jersey superstar confused herself with an actual superstar when she thought the legendary and undisputed queen of egos (and cheek implants), Madonna was going to be excited about the prospect of hanging out backstage with her! 

Teresa and friends were in the audience of Madonna's sold out MDNA Tour performance at Madison Square Garden. The above photo is Teresa attending the concert. 

Apparently prior to the show Teresa thought she could use her reality TV fame for a little leverage with a megastar! I mean she was on like Celebrity Apprentice, right. That implies she's a celebrity, like kinda, right?


“Earlier in the evening Teresa and her friends were at the legendary Fresco By Scotto restaurant on West 52nd Street in Manhattan. They ordered all the best Italian dishes and were overheard talking about how they could get backstage passes after the show,” a fellow-diner and witness recounts.

“Who wouldn't want to get to hang out with Madonna? It’s a shame they had no idea Madonna doesn't do meet and greets for anyone, even a Real Housewife.”

Teresa's dinner partners included Kim D and Dana Levine, founder of the NephCure Foundation. A photo is below. I thought Kim played with the "big boys" – she doesn't have any Madonna connections?

As for the possibility of Madgesty hanging around to chat table flips and family drama with Tre, apparently that ain't nevah gonna happen. “Madonna leaves the stage and gets straight in her car back to her hotel or home. Last night, it was home as she has a place in NYC,” a Madonna insider reveals.

Furthermore, “Madonna doesn't watch much TV and certainly doesn't watch 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey'.” BURN! Hey – she's too highbrow for all that. And with friends like Gwenyth Paltrow, who needs Housewives! 

[Photo Credit: Twitter]



Teresa and Kim D enjoying dinner and delusions of grandeur at Fresco By Scotto pre-concert. [Photo Credit: Teresa Giudice's Twitter]



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