Ana Quincoces has been relatively low-drama on this season of Real Housewives of Miami. The newbie housewife has seemed level-headed and mature with her biggest storyline revolving around her long-awaited divorce and her possible online flirtation with Karent Sierra's boyfriend. 

Speaking to NBCLatina, Ana explains why she decided to join the show and once again sets the record straight on her non-relationship with Rodolfo

“I thought I had a really good story to tell with my divorce situation and teaching how to do divorce the right way, if there’s such a thing,” Ana shares. “So I think that’s why I was willing to tell my story – and people are finding it inspiration to some extent. I’m humbled by that.”


Her other motivation for doing the show was to parlay the experience into a new career. Ana, a cookbook author, is in the process of launching her own mojito-inspired marinade called, Million Dollar Marinade. “I didn’t do ‘Housewives’ and then write [a] book,” she clarifies. “I’m parlaying this into a new career.”

Ana was voted one of Miami's "hottest chefs" by Eater Magazine last year, but strangely we've seen little of her food or cooking on the show thus far. Her first cookbook, published in 2005, is called Cuban Chicks Can Cook and she is now working on a follow-up. 

As for the drama that's happened on the show, she is adamant that she's not a mean girl, but she is a real one. "I’m very real. I’m not always going to be happy and I won’t always have a smile on my face," Ana reveals.

Which is the problem with Karent, who never really lets on what she's feeling. “I think she’s a tricky person,” Ana says of Karent. "It’s hard, because you just want to shake her and ask her to show some emotion.”

And once again, she makes it perfectly clear that Rodolfo was so not on her radar!  “I was never interested in her boyfriend,” Ana maintains. “The fact that I was ambushed that way; we just got off to a rough start.”

Well tonight Karent is about to get the raw end of the deal when the ladies take a girls trip (are there more ominous words in the reality TV language?) to the Bahamas and Karent is confronted with Rodolfo's cheating!

In other developments, apparently Lea Black really loses it and Mama Elsa has a shocking premonition. 

Real Housewives of Miami airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. As always, Reality Tea will be on hand to live-tweet all nonsense. And since we can't go to the Bahamas and get wasted, maybe we'll put on our swimsuits, make some pina coladas and set-up a faux beach while we watch. Ok, that might be way too much work, but a girl can pretend right?

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