Chris Albie Manzo

Hey – this isn't looking good! According to a report police were called during filming for Real Housewives of New Jersey! Who'd Teresa Giudice fight with this time? Just kidding, actually Teresa wasn't involved at all. reports that Albie Manzo was partying for the cameras at Hoboken hotspot City Bistro Bar when the police were called by the crew. 

Apparently an unruly and intoxicated fan (non-fan? Teresa lover?) forced his way in front  of the camera and wouldn't get out of whatever all-important Manzo moment was being filmed. Security (Security! Security!) and the film crew tried to persuade the man to leave but instead he pulled a RHONJ and heaved a glass in the direction of the cast. Oh no! Protect our Albie


Apparently the glass rather lamely broke on the floor and thankfully there were no injuries. Nor was the glass aimed at anyone in particular. Unfortunately after being escorted from the bar the determined man returned AGAIN this time swinging a baseball bat. 

Witnesses say he started taunting Albie while holding the bat and then left, but police were still called to the scene. The man was not charged and no one from RHONJ wanted to file a complaint. 

Albie told police the guy got unruly when he was told all cameras would be on Albie and Albie alone and that they guy wouldn't be getting any air time. Are we sure he wasn't mad because he drank some BLK Water?

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