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On Monday Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans got a text message from her wise mother, Barbara, asking her to just stop putting everything out on the internet and take a break for a while. Jenelle defended her Twitter addiction, saying that she loves to connect with her fans. Jenelle should've taken her mom's advice! 

Today Jenelle, her new husband Courtland Rogers and his ex Taylor Lewis, the mother of his daughter Jordan, have been engaged in a war of words and photos and it hasn't been pretty.  Some of it has been straight up incoherent, but here's the gist.  They say there are three sides to every story, so we present to you the raging Tweets from Jenelle, Courtland and Taylor


First, there's Taylor's side.  She's frustrated by the fact that Courtland isn't helping with child support and tells the world how desperate he is to see his daughter, yet barely makes an effort to do so.  She claims the only help she gets financially is from Courtland's dad, who pays $180 a month toward Jordan's $640/month daycare bill.

"Courtland your putting on a act..you haven't seen your daughter since you dropped her off when you kidnapped her.   i told u can see jordan everyday if u wanted to…but you never come all i ask is for u to help out a lil more…but you won't its sad jordans daycare is 160$ a week and your dad pays 180$ a month.  So you really pay nothing since your dad pays that..so you just act like u don't have a kid at all…"

"I have to do everything by myself its hard…but i will never give up on my daughter like you did because i love her. You and jenelle wrote this blog about me that was all lies saying all kinds of bed stuff. I'm just taking up for myself
@PBandJenelley_1 your really bipolar. Courtland can be happy or do whatever he wants i don't care. He had his chance with me and blew it
@PBandJenelley_1 so now he got with a drug addict mom who can't even be a mom to her own kid. You got my sloppy seconds i def ain't jealous
@courtyb11 its alright to make up lies on me huh? But its not alright for me to tell the truth?"

And then there's Courtland's side.  Claiming Taylor's a bad mom and that she keeps his daughter from him. 

"How dare you make all of this stupid shit up omfg u got half the world believing your stupid lies! I am not a deadbeat Taylor!  It's sad because I am actually one of the few fathers in brunswick county that actually want to b a part of there child's life.  And then u down me to the whole world on stuff that isn't none of their business just so u can get noticed.  I am going to let the world believe what they want !! I know who I really am and showing my family that is all that matters in the end !! :)"

"And taylor started all of this !! She even posted a recording of my mom on the Internet !!! MY MOM !! She never did this until jenelle and i.  I feel so bad for my little girl ! It's not supposed to be like this!Why is she doing this to me? Y'all se pics of how happy Jaja is with me. I don't have to prove to anyone except myself that I am a good father either and I know the facts!! That's what matters no matter what!!"

And not one to miss out on a good old crazy Twitter exchange, Jenelle weighed in.  Jenelle's side is that Taylor is a terrible mom and that Jordan is so scared she has immediately started calling Jenelle "MOMMY". 

"@memeory232323 let's tell my fans how u called courts mom at 2:30am to pick up his daughter cuz u were too messed up.  It's funny that @courtyb11 's baby mama has Courtland on her mind all the time, lmao get a life. Stop talking about my HUSBAND. @memeory232323 recording courts mom and putting it on YouTube ?! Recording his sister and put it on YouTube? Wtf r u thinking??"

"I got back from NYC when Courtland finally got her when his sister got her from a contaminated house. No jacket? So we went straight to Walmart and got her this outfit."

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"She was so scared when we got her. She called me mommy"

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If you take a look at Taylor's Twitter pics, there is some resemblance between her and Jenelle, which COULD explain a baby calling Jenelle mommy by mistake.  😉 


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Oh Barbara tries. She really does!



Photo Credit: Twitter

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