Kourtney & Kim Take Miami - Season: 1

The Kardashians are baa-aack! Like they ever went away. Or ever will. I hope I didn't jinx us, but I've heard that they only thing that will survive an apocalypse are cockroaches, twinkies, and Kardashians! 

Last night was the premiere of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Is that their job now? With Kim Kardashian spamming her expanding uterus all over the media, and Kourtney defending her sister's behaviors – and her own ever-shifting relationship to Scott Disick – pimpmomager Kris Jenner obviously expected everyone to tune in. 


It was more of the same Kardashian drama; same show, different title! Kourtney struggled to define her baby daddy and Kim continued to be annoying Kim whining about her  divorce. And the clothes continued to be bad. Then Kim abused her kitten by forcing it to inhale spray tan and hair spray fumes.  

Sadly more of the same doesn't exactly woo viewers. According to TVByTheNumbers, only 1.56 Million viewers cared about Kim's kitten negligence and poop fears. Yes, that woman is going to have a baby. 

I just have one quick question: how exactly does one "take" Miami? Do they shove it in a rented Chanel and carry it back to LA with them?

Below are more photos of Kourtney & Kim abusing Miami!

[Photo Credits: Brian Bowen Smith/E!]


Kourtney & Kim Take Miami - Season: 5

Kim, taking Miami in a bathing suit! Hey it's better than that white one she wore… 

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami - Season 5Kourtney prefers to seize the city in a caftan!

Kourtney & Kim Take Miami -- Season: 1And then they both put on their Kris Jenner pimpmomager pantsuits and pretend to be on Golden Girls. 


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