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Oh Kim Kardashian…if I were a licensed psychiatrist, I might diagnose you as a classic one-upper.  You've built an empire on which your entire family was riding the coattails until each of your siblings (inevitably) became famous in their own reality right.  It's the snowball effect.  And we're all dumber because of it.

Kim watched her sister Kourtney give birth to two precious children, and she counseled (cough, cough) sister Khloe who was suffering from infertility while trying to conceive with her husband.  Of course, now Kim is pregnant with Kanye West's baby, but she can't stop one-upping her sisters.  I'm gonnna let you talk Kourtney, but this baby is the best Kardashian baby of all time.  Sorry Mason and Penelope.  Y'all are officially old news.  Don't even get me started on poor Khloe's efforts to have a child.  Geez.  I'll let Kim speak for me.


Kim is now telling any media outlet that will listen that Kimye, Jr. is a miracle baby.  She, like her sister, had issues conceiving.  Too Fab is reporting on Kim's recent chat on the TODAY show where she revealed, "Khloe has been very open about her fertility issues and I think I was always really kind of quiet about mine.  I have similar issues and so it was a pleasant surprise when so many doctors were telling me one thing and then the opposite happens."

Two things (and y'all will probably label me an insensitive beeatch), but first of all, Kim admits to being quiet about her fertility issues until now when she takes them on a media tour?  Not buying it.  And second, Khloe has been vocal about trying to start a family with her husband and has been open about her options.  Kim was with Kris Humphries for 72 days.  She hasn't been with Kanye for more than six months.  How would she be able to have doctors diagnose fertility issues?  Unless, of course, she was trying to get pregnant with anyone at any time, and it wasn't working.  Khloe has been trying for years.  Kim, from my math, has been trying for less than a year.  Those aren't fertility issues, and I am appalled that she would be acting as if they were.  I have friends who have spent countless years and more money than they had to finally have a child.  Kim, in my opinion, is laughing in their faces.  Please.

I can't even fathom poor Khloe having to walk the tightrope of being sincerely thrilled to be an aunt and being disappointed that she hasn't yet been able to conceive.  Kim is piece of work.  But, at least we know this woe is me/miracle conception tour will only last about six more months.  Sorry for being so cynical, but think about it…

Kim also recently posted the above picture of her and her friends celebrating a birthday on Instagram.  I'm so happy to see that all of your closest friends and one of your family members have come out to support you on your big day.  Unfortunately, the picture doesn't catch Kanye and Kris Jenner fighting over the upcoming baby's reality show contract.  My money's on the tiny rapper any day of the week. 


[Photo Credit: Instagram]

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