Bethenny Frankel thought her divorce would obviously be as whirlwind as her marriage, a 'yeah didn't work out' and go about their merry ways kind of deal. But she forgot about the Jason Hoppy part of the equation. And perhaps embarking on a media tour to pedal her marriage woes immediately after filing for divorce where she asked for full custody didn't help things!

In response to Bethenny's behavior, it seems Jason is furious – and he is not going to easily back down to her demands! Please don't give her ammunition for another book, Jason! I beg of you.  Source say the Bethenny Ever After star is shocked that Jason is fighting back – and she never expected him to raise a fuss.

"Bethenny thought she could just roll him over and get out with no hassle," a source close to Jason reveals. A new article by Us Weekly exposes their nasty divorce and Jason's determination to fight for both himself and Bryn


When Jason issued a request to Bethenny's divorce demands he retaliated by demanding all the same things she asked for. Sources say that was done purposefully. Apparently Jason was tired of Bethenny treating him like "as much an accessory to her as a Birkin bag." Those were Us' s words not mine! haha

"Jason is livid with how cold Bethenny has been with him since the split," a friend shares. He had initially intended to "play nice" for Bryn's sake, but Bethenny's demands, followed by her media pandering left him reeling. "He wants to make her pay." 


Even worse, Jason's hurt is driving him to revenge! "Jason wants to publicly embarrass Bethenny since she is so image-conscious," a source shares. 

To complicate matters, both are still residing in the Tribeca loft. Bethenny "spends a lot of time alone in her room,' a source shares. Meanwhile Jason has finally carved out a mancave area for himself. And when they're not taking turns caring for Bryn (separately) they retreat to their corners of the 3,400 square foot home. "It's really hard. They're all in a difficult situation." 

Luckily Bryn doesn't seem to be noticing the difference. A source shares the couple has been sleeping in separate bedrooms for months! 

Sources for both sides say the fighting over the apartment has much more to do with Bryn's needs and happiness than their own selfish desires. "They view it as Bryn's apartment," an insider reveals and neither want to wrench her from her home. "Bryn's doing great," a Bethenny source adds. "I don't think she's even aware of what's going on." 

And at the crux of this entire divorce and all the emerging animosity is both parents' intense love for their daughter. Apparently when Bethenny requested full custody Jason was shocked and lost it.

"Bethenny is a great mom, but that doesn't change the fact that Jason had more time with Bryn because of her work," a Jason source explains. And both are fighting for what they believe is the happiest and most stable life for Bryn. 

Bethenny recently moved taping of her upcoming talk show from LA to NYC in order to give Bryn's life more stability, but Jason still worries about the amount of time the busy work-a-holic, who relies on nannies and retains the Skinnygirl offices in their apartment, will have to devote to motherhood. 

"Jason is more hands-on with Bryn," a source concedes. "Not that Bethenny is a bad mom. But Jason is more of a family man." A friend of Jason's is a little more blunt. "Jason feels he's the better parent, so he wants custody." In response to her filing Bethenny has been trying to show her "softer side" to the media. 

"She's amazing at spinning herself as the victim," a former-friend of Bethenny's notes. And Bethenny refuses to relent when it comes to Bryn and her happiness. "Bryn is her entire world," a Bethenny source maintains. "She adores her more than anything." 

Jason feels likewise which means the exes are probably headed for a tumultuous stand-off in divorce court! Maybe Bethenny could interview Kim Kardashian about this! 






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