Well, I didn't see this one coming!  The producers of VH1's Love & Hip Hop can breathe (a little) easier now that one of this season's stars has been cleared of child molestation charges.  On the show, Yandy Smith's boyfriend Mendeecees  Harris comes across as a harmless, if not totally clueless, guy who wishes he had more street cred than he does.  It makes sense that fans of the show were floored when horrific allegations were made against him.

Mendeecees' name has been cleared, and he is no longer facing decades in prison.  I am glad that precious baby Amir won't have to grow up without his father.  Now, if only he could beat those drug charges…


According TMZ, Mendeecees is off the hook regarding multiple child sex charges which were filed against him.   Among the serious accusations?  Mendeecees was charged with child endangerment, promoting prostitution, and sexual assualt.  Yikes!  

The rap promoter allegedly exposed himself to a fifteen-year-old girl (rumored to be his son's older sister by another father).  He also was accused of forcing her to watch pornography with him, and then making her perform oral sex on him.  These claims date back to 2009.

Mendeecees was acquitted on all of the sex charges on Friday in a New Jersey courthouse.  After the decision was handed down, Mendeecees attorney released a statement, sharing, "My client and his family are jubilant that these charges are now behind him … This is real drama, not TV.” 

Of course, this is wonderful news for Mendeecees.  Hopefully he will be able to relax for now until his next trial date.  That's right!  Poor Mendeecees just can't catch a break, and he's awaiting another hearing in New York.  He's charged with conspiracy to distribute an illegal substance…five kilos of cocaine to be exact.  If  he is convicted, he could face up to five years in prison.  Oh Mendeecees, when will you learn?  Just ask the kids from Bayside…there's no hope with dope!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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