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Apparently Real Housewives of Atlanta is spinoff central! Phaedra Parks is the latest lady to score her own show! 

StraightFromTheA reports that Phaedra will be returning to her roots and her new show will be all about Phaedra Parks, Attorney At Law and not about Phaedra Parks, Donkeybootyologist, married wannabe mortician! 

The new show is rumored to be a "People's Court" type show where Phaedra will put her mediation skills to the test as she works with two parties reach a resolution to legal issues.


Apparently there are two different ideas being bantered around for the show's premise. One rumor says Phaedra will be making home visits for her cases and working through the issues with the parties away from there. While another says the show will take place in a fake "courtroom" where she will act in a judge role, similar to Judge Judy. 

One thing is for certain, Phaedra will only be handling "rich people problems!" 

From SFTA: 

"One well known 'quasi' Atlanta celeb recently revealed to me that they were approached about being on the show because someone who formerly worked as a maid in their lavish mansion was seeking back pay of some sort. Needless to say, that person was like ‘what do I look like going on television arguing with someone over money?’ and promptly told me that they turned down the producer who had contacted them." 

Phaedra denies she's getting a spinoff, but rumors are abound in Atlanta and she's been hinting that she doesn't like the image being portrayed of her on RHOA! No word on whether or not the show will be airing on Bravo – or if Phaedra is planning to retire from Housewives! 

And in other news, tonight RHOA returns and the ladies infiltrate NeNe Leakes' new lair in LA. After being hours late for a dinner party sparks fly between NeNe and the girls. And NeNe recently got nasty with some blind items about her co-tarts! I guess the girls of RHOA are in the wrong city to be on 'Southern Time.' 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the antics. And we won't be tardy for this party. 

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