When he's not professing his undying love for Jenelle Evans on twitter, Courtland Rogers has been begging tabloids to call him. Hey – he's unemployed and needs the money. 

Well it seems he's finally gotten his day in the sun. One day after Jenelle's attorney announced that the Teen Mom 2 star is in rehab for unspecified drugs, Courtland is revealing just what substance led her to treatment. 

Unshockingly Courtland reveals that when they married they weren't in a coherent frame of mind. 

"Jenelle and I of course are still married. There’s a reason for that. The reason being that when we first got together we were both not doing too good on prescription drugs. We had problems," Courtland shares with OK! Magazine.


Despite, Courtland feels their love is real and genuine. 

"Now whenever two dead batteries try to start a car, it does not work. But for some reason it worked and she was Kieffer [Delp] for three years, she was with Gary [Head] for two, she was with me for three months and she married me. So clearly sparks were enough to where she knew and I knew that we really did love each other."

"But then the drugs got bad on her half so she started getting bad. Every morning, throwing up in the toilet, my mom having to clean up throw up, we were staying with my mom. Her never feeling good, never leaving the room, always in the bed, always sleeping." And tweeting. Don't forget tweeting. 

Courtland also reveals drug use led to Jenelle's miscarriage

"She ended up getting pregnant. Well she was pregnant while still using heroin and getting her scripts from her local doctor which consisted of 90 Percocet 10 and 90 Lorazepam which is better known as Ativan which she was still abusing."

"But because of the fact she was pregnant she actually did taper herself down a little. But when I say a little, to Jenelle Evans, excuse me Rogers, a little is really not that much but it was better. I was proud of her."

Courtland insists he tried to help her get clean, to no avail. "And I’ve taken her bottles so many times and hid them. She hit me so many times for doing it. Last time she hit me 5 times with my own iPhone on the back of the head. So the drugs really destroyed our relationship."

As for Jenelle's rekindled relationship with Gary, which was brief, Courtland says it was filled with problems and cheating, of course! "Jenelle does not like to be alone," Courtland states. 

With Jenelle in rehab they are still in contact and Courtland truly believes she is finally changing. And that Twitter is ruining her reputation, of course. THEN STOP TWEETING, obviously! 

"She called me last night. And the only thing that she talks about right now is Jace," Courtland maintains. "She wouldn’t get off the phone because of her crying about Jace, and how Twitter has made her look like she’s bad and they don’t know the whole situation."

Regarding his relationship with his estranged wife, Courtland says they are working on a sober friendship at the moment. And he insists it was Gary's fault Jenelle filed assualt charges against him which were the cause of his arrest this week. 

"Gary talked her into taking these charges out on me. These false charges. She didn’t even want to. Gary made her because she was so bad on Xanax that she listened to Gary, took four assault on a female charges out on me and one battery on an unborn child which I never touched."

"Now she regrets it and she wants me back. But I don’t want that right now. I want her to focus on Jace because I love her so much that I would rather her be focusing on Jace than be my wife right now." 

Courtland's hope for the future is for Jenelle to build a relationship with Jace and be the mother he deserves and needs. He also hopes to be a better father to his daughter and to be stable and loving person in Jace's life. He wants to get a job and focus on his own life while Jenelle is in treatment. 

"I’m focusing on everything I need to and the 30 days she’s away, that gives me plenty of time to get that in order," Courtland explains. "No matter what Twitter says, no matter if she took falsified charges out on me, she’s still my wife, I still love but no matter what happens between her and I, I know for a fact that I’ll always have her as a friend and that’s what counts."

"I don’t know what’s going to happen," Courtland concludes. 

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