That was fast! I mean like shockingly fast. Two days after Jenelle Evans began threatening to divorce new husband Courtland Rogers (a week after announcing their pregnancy to the media), the Teen Mom 2 star has revealed she miscarried. 

Is your head spinning yet? Mine totally is. Jenelle revealed that she went to the hospital earlier this week with complications related to her pregnancy, however Courtland claims his now estranged wife has been using drugs while pregnant. That was yesterday. 

And today a source told RadarOnline that Jenelle's pregnancy ended. “Jenelle lost the baby this morning,” a friend shares. Jenelle was 8 weeks pregnant. “She’s sad and upset, but she’ll make it through." This morning after bantering with twitter users, Jenelle suddenly tweeted  “F**KKKKKKKKK”


The friend shares that Jenelle has not spoken to Courtland yet who isn't aware that Jenelle had a miscarraige! Well, I guess now he knows because the tabloids have been reporting it and Jenelle has been tweeting about the aftermath. 


One has to wonder about the lighting fast timing of this whole thing. Just last week Jenelle was giddy about becoming a mother for the second time and promising to work hard to get three-year-old son Jace returned to her custody. And now after her husband accuses her of having sex with other people (Tori) and running off with ex-fiance Gary she is revealing a miscarriage on twitter and in the tabloids. 

How would Jenelle even have time to confirm with a doctor or the hospital that she lost the pregnancy? And what on earth would make one want to live-tweet a miscarriage essentially. That's extremely suspect, along with Radar publishing the story within minutes of Jenelle's Tweets.

One has to wonder if Jenelle faked the entire pregnancy and now miscarriage for attention – or if Jenelle possibly terminated the pregnancy herself. 

UPDATED: Gary Head has been Tweeting out in defense of Jenelle, who is apparently NOW at the hospital. He shared that Jenelle had "been told since Friday she was bleeding. Then today I was with @Juliagoolia2010 & we saw it ourselfs".  "All this blood. I'm surprised she's still standing. I'm surprised I'm still standing".  "With @PBandJenelley_1at the hospital. Hopefully she gets better. I think I'm about to vomit or faint".  "Some people have no consideration of others. I don't know anything about a fake pregnancy but and myself have seen the blood"

Photo Credits: Twitter