National security alert! A be-wigged terrorist is invading the friendly skies! 

Kim Zolciak-Biermann almost got into a fist fight with a woman mid-flight while flying home to NYC with hubby Kroy Biermann. Who knew Kroy was that desirable? 

Apparently the other female passenger "mistakenly" assumed Kim and Kroy tried to join the mile-high club in the bathroom and the woman decided a little mid-flight ménage à trois might be fun so she tried to join the party.


It turns out Kim and Kroy weren't trying to slip into the restroom together for some wig porn, Kim is just afraid of peeing on planes. “I’m claustrophobic in the bathrooms on planes, so I always have my husband hold the door [shut],” Kim told the NY Post.  

As Kim left the bathroom she started getting bedroom eyes from an incredibly bored lady passenger looking for some inflight entertainment. “This lady’s looking at me like I’m going to get it on with my husband in the bathroom . . . I’m kind of walking back to my seat and my husband walks out, and she looks at him and winks and [starts] flirting,” Kim revealed.

Kim was ready to rip her wig off and confront the woman, but but Kroy told the Tardy For The Party star to "'Just sit down.'" Pretty sad when Kroy is the sensible one in your relationship! 

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