More Mob Wives drama! Resident S3 crazy Love Majewski was summarily fired and uninvited to the reunion in one fell-swoop.

Love has been talking it up on twitter, but hasn't given a concrete reason as to why she was handed her walking papers. Is it because she threatened to kill a lady or two? Love maintains she was actually fired by the production company Left/Right Productions. 

Karen Gravano reveals that Love's termination had everything to do with Carla Facciolo refusing to attend the reunion if she had to come face-to-face with Love during the taping. “I think Love wasn’t invited because Carla pretty much spoke to VH1 about not showing up if Love was invited,” Karen shared with RadarOnline.


Even worse, Carla threatened to sue the network over Love attacking her and she was refusing to work with her. “Carla’s threatening to sue and VH1 wanted to avoid any lawsuits.” These reality TV ladies and their lawsuits… 

“The thing about it is when Drita [D'avanzo]Ramona [Rizzo] and I had a falling out the second season, we pretty much could talk it out without getting the police and lawyers involved,” Karen says. “But Carla’s sue happy.” 

“At the end of the day, maybe VH1 didn’t feel like dealing with lawyers,” Karen remarked. “I think its unfair because everyone has the right to defend themselves so it’s unfortunate that Love wasn’t invited so that she could say what really happened.”

[Photo Credit: VH1]

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