Well, we all knew it was a matter of time. The Countess is back, baby!

After arguing with Bravo, LuAnn de Lesseps has officially signed on to the sixth season of Real Housewives of New York which is currently filming. 

RumorFix confirms LuAnn has signed her contract and will be part of the cast. 

Moving on, Pinot Singer did something unpinot-y. Seriously. Ramona reportedly helped a friend track down a nanny who got a little pawn happy with her employer's jewelry! 


Lucia Hwong Gordon, a composer, went on vacation with her kids last month and came home to find several priceless pieces missing! Some of the missing items included her childrens' baptismal jewelry and "family heirloom silver," a source tells the NY Post's Page Six. 

Raquel Santos, the live-in nanny, was questioned about the missing items and apparently "started crying" before handing over some pawn receipts. Proving she truly is not a good judge of character, Lucia turned to RAMONA for advice. I did not make this up. Maybe the Post did… 

Lucia hauled Ms. Santos to some pawn shows to reclaim her items, but did not report her to the police initially. “Lucia was distraught,” a source reveals. “She didn’t want to file any charges. It was traumatic.”

However Pinot prevailed upon her to contact the authorities. “Ramona said she needed to speak up before the woman victimized another family,” the source informs. Ramona reportedly told her: “‘I’m doing a Ramona on you! You’re going to report this woman.”

Lucia decided to take Ramona's advice and they arranged a bit of a sting operation. Good lord. Is this going to be on the show this season? Please say yes! Pinot "advised Gordon to call the nanny to say she wanted to buy back the rest of her belongings. When Santos arrived at the Park Avenue home, she allegedly had more of Gordon’s goods and was arrested.

“I’m thrilled justice was served," Ramona said, proving that she herself is the source for this story. "My friend showed strength and perseverance. It was important that this was investigated. If it had not been investigated, she might have just gone to work for another family and done the same thing.”

"Ramona gave her [Lucia] the strength to deal with this,” another friend allegedly said. 

[Photo Credit: Bravo]


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