LuAnn de Lesseps: No One Can “Replace” Me On RHONY! Sonja Morgan Attempts To Settle Debts; Is She Using 24-Year-Old Boyfriend For Money?

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Despite the long hiatus in filming Real Housewives of New York it's nice to know LuAnn de Lesseps is just as delusional as ever! 

The Countess No More admits she is still battling with Bravo about re-signing for the sixth season and advises the network that they better recognize her worth! 

“I’ve been an instrumental character on the show from the beginning, so I want to be a part of the new season,” LuAnn shares with In Touch. “I’ve been from the beginning and I love it.” And for her dedication LuAnn expects compensation. Other reports claim LuAnn was willing to accept a pay cut in exchange for returning to the show!


LuAnn wants it known that the network is begging for her to return, but she's prepared to walk if her demands are not met. 

"They want me back. It’s a matter of negotiating my contract," LuAnn insists. "I brought the franchise to what it is, so I expect to be treated with respect by the network.” I guess she's still reeling over pirate-gate! 


“Hopefully it will work out between us,” LuAnn says optimistically. “If not, I’ll move on.” LuAnn also reveals that new Housewives should be expected! “They’re bringing in a couple new people, but who can replace The Countess?” Um… OK then! 

Up next, Sonja Morgan has been confirmed for the sixth season and has been bragging all over creation about dating a 24-year-old, but she's also hoping to finally settle her long dragged out bankruptcy issue

Sonja and "boyfriend" Benjamin Benalloul recently traveled to France to enjoy Paris and St. Tropez as Sonja is selling her French home. No word on whether or not it's been sold or not. Sonja is also selling her NY townhouse and her home in Colorado all in an effort to settle a $7 million dollar judgment against her by Hannibal Pictures, a production company with which she attempted to make a film starring John Travolta.

Reportedly Sonja offered the Hannibal Pictures $3M to settle all her debts but was turned down. I guess they want all their millions present and accounted for! 

Sonja is also still battling her ex-husband John Morgan over what she believes is an unfair divorce settlement. Viewers saw a snippet on last season's RHONY. 

But those aren't the only sticky situations Sonja is dealing with! Her highly publicized "relationship" to Benjamin is reportedly nothing more than a business arrangement and a publicity stunt. Oh… you don't say?

Amid reports that he is moving in with her (where – she's apparently liquidating all her properties!),  Page Six shares that Benjamin refers to Sonja as his "fake girlfriend" and is doing her a favor as she is hoping to make money from her association with him! 

Sonja desperately needs money," a source reveals. "Benjamin’s paying her tab, so she’ll escort him to high-end events and he can meet the ‘right’ people.” So she's a girlfriend for hire? Oh my… 

Benjamin completely denies the allegations and insists he has no ulterior motives for dating Sonja, whom he seems to dismiss as a casual romantic entanglement. 

“I come from one of the oldest, well-respected families in New York . . . I’m doing great things, I don’t need any connections. I come from a private family; we stay under the radar," Benjamin insists. We don't believe him! 

Sonja dates men seven days a week. I’m very much enjoying the time we spend together," Benjamin explains. "[But] we do not have a [serious] relationship. She’s an unbelievable woman, we learn things from each other. It’s a meeting of minds. We’re just dating.”

Sonja also denies that Benjamin is using her, stating he is the crem-de-la-crem of all things society! Weren't we just hearing yesterday how everyone in NYC is embarrassed to be associated with the RHONY?

"Ben doesn’t need any fake girlfriends. He has his own town houses. He doesn’t have to pay anyone to be with him," Sonja admonishes. "We’re dating, he’s crazy about me.”

Among rumors that he is also using Sonja to gain appearance on RHONY, Ben says he has no interest in reality TV.  "I’m not a person in the media,” he asserts, claiming he "highly doubts" he'll make an appearance this season. 

Well, very interesting!

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