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Kordell Stewart was not kidding when he slashed support for estranged wife Porsha Stewart!

As details to continue to unfold about the couple's acrimonious divorce, Kordell is now accusing the Real Housewives of Atlanta star of having a sketchy financial past for which he is not responsible for helping her deal with!

If you recall in court papers Porsha requested "temporary financial relief" from Kordell and that he secure suitable living accommodations for her after he locked her out and played hide-a-key while her stuff was still inside. In light of all this, Porsha says she is being forced to live with her mom! 

Kordell fought back saying Porsha was well aware of his plans to change the locks – and furthermore she is a "celebrity" with income all her own to get a place. 


Kordell claims Porsha is the one making their divorce open for media consumption and by filing financial distress papers (obtained by TMZ) portraying herself as "locked out" is attempting to make him look bad and "make herself more marketable in the media." I'm pretty sure Kordell did that on his own when news of the split broke on twitter before his wife actually got served… 

Anyway, Kordell maintains he gave Porsha ample opportunity to get her belongings from the home he owns and they lived in while married. And Kordell claims it is Porsha's "financial negligence" that is responsible for her moving in with her mom! 

He says Porsha squanders her money on "grooming and clothing items" instead of paying bills and taxes. Kordell points out that Porsha's condo was foreclosed on and she allegedly owes back taxes! 

Didn't he want her to be a stay-at-home wife and mom who didn't have a career, which would mean girl also doesn't have money… 

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